The Global Gender Gap Survey of Natural sciences, mathematics and computing

If you have studied or worked in the natural sciences, mathematics, computing or the history and philosophy of science & technology, you are invited to participate in a survey that is part of the Gender Gap project supported by the International Council for Science (ICSU).

You will find the survey at: The survey will take about 20-30minutes to complete.

The project is an interdisciplinary collaboration between several partners including scientific unions and UNESCO. The project aims to understand the causes of the gender gap in science and how to reduce it.

The success of the project depends on large numbers of both men and women responding. Please respond to the survey and forward to your colleagues and students. The data are being collected by the non-profit Statistical Research Center of the American Institute of Physics. Responses to this survey are voluntary, and your individual information will be held in strict confidence. The aim is to reach thousands of respondents from every corner of the world! More information, and a cover letter in seven languages can be found at: Coordinators of the Gender Gap in Science project:
Marie-Francoise Roy (IMU) & Mei-Hung Chiu (IUPAC)