Indicators of solar filament remnants in ICMEs

Rahul Sharma1*, and Nandita Srivastava2
13, Indra Nagar, North Sunderwas, Udaipur 313001, India
2Udaipur Solar Observatory, Physical Research Laboratory, Udaipur 313001, India

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Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) associated with solar filament eruptions expel huge amount of mass, energy and magnetic helicity in interplanetary medium as part of interplanetary coronal mass ejections (ICMEs). Despite of the fact that around 70% of CMEs are associated with filament eruptions, identification of filament (cold) material are rare in in-situ measurements. Only few earlier studies report in-situ observations of filament material by the ACE and Wind spacecraft at L1 point. We examined 10 ICMEs with filament remnants during the last solar cycle for which cold filament material was identified as periods of density enhancements, temperature depressions and low ionic charge states with depressed deviations in RMS parameters (magnetic and plasma). We further attempt to determine the threshold magnitudes of relative changes in magnetic, plasma and compositional parameters associated with in-situ observations which could serve as indicators for filament plasma.

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Keywords : solar wind – filaments – ICMEs – plasma