Zero Shadow Day

The POEC has created and collected useful resource material on the Zero Shadow Day. For a given place below +23.5 degrees latitude in India, this occurs when the Sun is exactly overhead and hence casts no shadow on a vertical object. This occurs twice a year, once during Uttarayan and once during Dakshinayan. For more […]

Transit of Mercury 2016 – Sharing your event

Featured image © ESO 2013 We thank everyone who was a part of the sharing of the Transit of Mercury – a nationwide, crowd-sourced event co-ordinated by ASI-POEC. The events map will give you a good idea of the coverage. The ASI-POEC is proud to be associated with all of you in making this an […]


अॅस्ट्रोसॅट विषयी कायम विचारले जाणारे प्रश्न (FAQ): (उत्तरे खाली बघा, अधिक माहिती इथे मिळवा) विविध तरंगलांबीमध्ये निरीक्षणे घेऊ शकणारा भारताचा पहिला उपग्रह ‘अॅस्ट्रोसॅट’ हा २८ सप्टेंबर रोजी ISRO द्वारे अंतराळात प्रक्षेपित करण्यात आलेला आहे. एकाच रचनेमध्ये पाच निरनिराळ्या दुर्बिणी असलेला हा उपग्रह पुढे सर्वांना वापरासाठी खुला होणार आहे. न्यूट्रॉन तारे, कृष्णविवरे, उच्च घनतेचे पदार्थ, ताऱ्यांचा […]


ऐस्ट्रोसॅट सम्बंधित प्रायः पूछे जाने वाले प्रश्न (FAQ): Translation by Dr. Divya Oberoi (उत्तर नीचे देखिये। अधिक जानकारी इस लिंक पर मिलेगी.)   अस्ट्रोसैट भारत की सर्वप्रथम बहु-तरंगीय अंतररक्ष वेधशाला है। २८ सितम्बर, २०१५ को इसे इसरो द्वारा अंतररक्ष में प्रक्षेसित सकया गया। इस अनूठी वेधशाला में िांच दूरबीनें हैं। इस सार्वजसनक र्ेधशाला का उद्देश्य […]


Find FAQ in other languages and outreach resources here. 1. Why is ASTROSAT a multi-wavelength observatory ? Supposing we cannot touch a human body but are trying to understand what it is made of solely by looking at the radiation from it. The visible light will tell us about the skin, infrared about the temperature […]

Pluto: A new makeover

6:22:03 am IST; July 15, 2015. Thirteen hours since New Horizon’s close flyby to Pluto and subsequent Radio silence. The spacecraft, after nine and half years of space journey, had reached Pluto flew-by at 12,472km on July 14that about 17:19 hrs IST. To make most of this opportunity scientists had oriented New Horizons towards Pluto […]

Artist's Impression of Pluto Encounter

New Horizon keeps its date with Pluto

On July 14th about 17:19 hrs IST (11:49 UTC) NASA’s New Horizon spacecraft, after a sojourn that lasted more than nine and half months, will make its close encounter with Pluto. So far even with best of the telescopes Pluto and its companion Charon were merely just blobs of light, hiding their surface feature, if […]

Picture of the Young Clyde Tombaugh

Where the young rule the underworld

An 11 year old girl, well versed in classical mythology of ancient Rome and Greece, learned from her grandfather, of the discovery of a new planet. The 11 year old was Venetia Burney, and the year was 1930. Venetia Burney Phair at age 11 This new found “planet” had been elusive for decades, avoiding the […]

“Seeing the Invisible” workshop at JNP, Bengaluru

ANNOUNCEMENT Learn about – Hydrogen line and the history of Universe – How to detect radio waves from celestial bodies ? – How to ‘see’ hydrogen ? Radio Astronomy ushered in a new era in our understanding of the universe. In the last decades it has evolved in to an exciting field covering solar system […]

Workshop on Bhaskaracharya’s work

2014 is the 900th birth anniversary of Bhaskacharya, a brilliant mathematician and astronomer of ancient India. A one-day workshop on the scientific work of Bhaskaracharya is being organised by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium and the Astronomical Society of India. Venue : Auditorium, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Koramangala, Bengaluru Date : 17 […]