Sky Maps

Courtesy: Arvind Paranjpye

This is a collection of star maps that can be used anywhere in India at about 21:00 hrs on the 15th of the given month. The same map can be used at ~22:00 hrs. earlier and at ~20:00 hrs. later that month.

Black & White maps (though the lettering is red, it prints grey)
These are best for using during a nightout, with a red torch. Click to Enlarge.

Coloured maps


1. The star map given here are drawn for central station of India (Long 82.5, Lat. +23deg 11′), at 21:00 hours Indian Standard Time (IST). The maps shows slightly more sky than that will be visible from this station. That is the angular diameter of the horizon circle is 220 deg. instead of normal 180deg.

2. The maps are drawn using stereographic projection (link), that preserves the shape but distorts the size. The constellations, therefore, close to the horizon are drawn bigger than those close to the zenith.

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