The Astronomical Society of India was established in 1972 and has grown to become the prime association of professional astronomers in India. The society has close to 1000 members. The objectives of the society are the promotion of Astronomy and related branches of science in India. The society organizes scientific meetings and supports the popularization of Astronomy and other similar activities.

Latest Updates

Awards during ASI 2021
K. D. Abhyankar Best thesis presentation award was given jointly to
Dr. Avrajit Bandyopadhyay (ARIES, Nainital)
Dr. Anshu Kumari (University of Helsinki)

Best Poster Awards
Sun and the Solar System- Ritesh Patel (ARIES, Nainital)
Stars, ISM and Galaxy - Anshuman Acharya (IISER Mohali)
Extragalactic Astronomy - Sushant Dutta (PRL, Ahmedabad)
Instrumentation and Techniques shared by -
Sonam Jorphail (IAO-IIA Hanle)
Tsewang Stanzin (IAO-IIA Hanle)
General Relativity and Cosmology - Soummyadip Basak (ICTS-TIFR, Bangalore)

Best Poster Award from Indian Academy of Sciences
Sarvesh Mangla (IIT Indore) in the Discipline Instrumentation and techniques
Prithish Halder (PRL, Ahmedabad) in the Discipline Sun and Solar System

(Posted on 25th Feb 2021)

ASI awardees for the year 2020

1) Vainu Bappu Award has been awarded to Shriharsh Tendulkar (TIFR and NCRA).
2)The ASI Laxminarayana and Nagalaxmi Modali Award has been awarded to Poonam Chandra (NCRA-TIFR).
3)The ASI Zubin Kembhavi Award for “Public Outreach and Education in Astronomy and allied fields” has been awarded jointly to Samir Dhurde (IUCAA) and Vivek Monteiro on behalf of the Navnirmiti Group
4)The New Discovery Award has been awarded to Kanak Saha (IUCAA) and Team.
In addition ASI commends the work by Kunal Deshmukh, Harsh Kumar and Kritti Sharma, a team of students from IIT Bombay, for discovering multiple Near Earth Objects.
5)The Justice Oak Award for Outstanding Thesis in Astronomy has been awarded jointly to Prantika Bhowmik (IISER Kolkata) and Panini Singam (IIA)

The awardees will be awarded during the inaugural session of the ASI 2021 meeting on 20th February 2021.

(Posted on 6th February 2021)