The Astronomical Society of India was established in 1972 and has grown to become the prime association of professional astronomers in India. The society has close to 1000 members. The objectives of the society are the promotion of Astronomy and related branches of science in India. The society organizes scientific meetings and supports the popularization of Astronomy and other similar activities.

Latest Updates

Announcing the lecture series by Prof. G. Srinivasan - Astronomy and Astrophysics: An Introductory Survey

The Astronomical Society of India is pleased to announce the release of the inaugural lecture of the much anticipated lecture series titled "Astronomy and Astrophysics: An Introductory Survey". Aimed at undergraduate and graduate students, this series of talks by renowned astrophysicist and teacher, Prof G. Srinivasan, starts from first principles of Physics, and builds up the subject rigorously to the present state of our understanding. This comprehensive lecture series will span a large range of topics and will be a treat for young and enthusiastic students and seasoned practitioners alike. This series is being organised as a part of ASI's golden jubilee celebrations. Please find more details from the link.

(Posted on 2nd May 2022)

Awards during ASI 2022
K. D. Abhyankar Best thesis presentation was awarded jointly to
1) Dr. Surajit Mondal (NCRA-TIFR, Pune)
2) Dr. Prasanna Deshmukh (IIA, Bangalore)

K. D. Abhyankar Best thesis presentation Honourable Mention

1) Dr. Barnali Das (NCRA-TIFR, Pune)
2) Dr. Archita Rai (PRL, Ahmedabad)

Best Poster Awards
Sun and the Solar System- Shared by Devojyoti Kansabanik (NCRA-TIFR, Pune) and Sahel Day (IIA, Bangalore)
Stars, ISM and Galaxy - Shared by Arun Roy (CHRIST, Deemed to be University) and Bharti Arora (ARIES, Nainital)
Extragalactic Astronomy - Sioree Ansar (IIA, Bangalore)
Instrumentation and Techniques - Kshitij Bane (IIA)
General Relativity and Cosmology - Shared by Barun Maity (NCRA-TIFR, Pune) and Koustav Chandra (IIT, Bombay)

Best Poster Award from Indian Academy of Sciences
Harsh Kumar from IIT Bombay in the Discipline Instrumentation and techniques
Akriti Sinha from IIT, Indore in the Discipline Extragalactic Astronomy

(Posted on 31s March 2022)

ASI Zubin Kembhavi Award (for instrumentation) for the year 2021 goes to "Team Astrosat"

ASI Justice Oak Award for Outstanding Thesis in Astronomy goes to Dr. Swagat Saurav Mishra, who performed his PhD thesis research at the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, is being awarded the Astronomical Society of India’s Justice Oak Award for the best thesis of 2022 for his outstanding and varied contributions to cosmology ranging from the early history of the Universe to dark energy.

The ASI Justice Oak Award for Outstanding Thesis in Astronomy committee also selected the following two nominees for Honorable Mention :
Dr. Anshu Kumari, who performed her PhD thesis research at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, is being acknowledged for her unique contributions to the development of a solar radio-spectropolarimeter and utilizing this instrument to constrain the elusive solar coronal magnetic fields associated with solar radio bursts.

Dr. Surajit Mondal, who performed his PhD thesis research at the National Centre for Radio Astronomy, is being acknowledged for his pioneering contributions to the development of a highly versatile interferometric solar imaging pipeline, and for intelligent use of radio observations to constrain solar energetic phenomena from small to large scales.

(Posted on 17th March 2022)