About Astronomical Society of India

The Astronomical Society of India was established in 1972 and has grown to become the prime association of professional astronomers in India. The society has close to 1000 members. The objectives of the society are the promotion of Astronomy and related branches of science in India. The society organizes scientific meetings and supports the popularization of Astronomy and other similar activities.

Latest Updates

The 42nd meeting of the Astronomical Society of India  (ASI) is scheduled to be held between 31 Jan to 04 Feb 2024, and will be hosted jointly by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium (JNP) at Bangalore. More information is available at the meeting website. The meeting will be fully in-person.

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Posted On: 14-08-2023

The following awards were presented during the concluding session of the ASI 2023 meeting on 5th March 2023.

K D Abhyankar Best Thesis Presentation Award

Sonu Tabitha Paulson (IIST) - 6.7 GHz methanol masers and the early phases of massive star formation

Honorable Mention - K D Abhyankar Best Thesis Presentation Award

Yash Bhargava (IUCAA) - Spectro-timing studies of accretion disks in black hole binaries

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Posted On: 07-03-2023

The recipients of the ASI awards for the year 2022. The awards will be given out during the upcoming ASI2023 meeting at IIT-Indore, Indore.

1. ASI Govind Swarup Lifetime Achievement Award - Prof. Jayant V. Narlikar

2. Professor M. K. Vainu Bappu Gold Medal - Dr. Eve J. Lee, McGill University, Canada

3. Justice Oak Award for Outstanding Thesis in Astronomy - Dr. Barnali Das (NCRA-TIFR), Currently at Univ. of Delaware

4. Laxminarayana & Nagalaxmi Modali Award -… Read More

Posted On: 10-02-2023