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Posted On: Friday, December 2, 2022 - 10:16

Dear colleagues,

We will make a call for new International Science Development Team (ISDT) membership soon, and associate with the call the TMT International Observatory and the TMT Science Advisory Committee will hold a webinar series starting from this December.

The first webinar is "Thirty Meter Telescope: project updates and call for the ISDT membership" with a 50 minute…

Posted On: Friday, November 18, 2022 - 10:09

RAD@home, in collaboration with the International Astronomical Union (IAU) & NASO, is co-organizing astronomy outreach events or educational programs during the IAU Symposium 375 in Kathmandu Nepal, early next month. You may see the link for official declaration here https://…

Posted On: Friday, November 18, 2022 - 10:05

 The IAU's NameExoWorlds 2022 contest has been going on this year, allowing people to work together to name a new set of Exoworlds available from the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

Anyone, including students and teachers, astronomy enthusiasts, amateur astronomers and exoplanetary scientists, may form a…

Posted On: Friday, November 11, 2022 - 09:56

Role of small Telescopes in Exciting Areas of Observational Astronomy

Please find more information from the link below-



Posted On: Friday, November 11, 2022 - 09:49

My second book, describing several original research results, is published by Springer Nature this week. It is titled "New Relativity in the Gravitational Universe: The theory of Cosmic Relativity and its experimental evidence" (Springer/Fundamental Theories of Physics). The contents call for a total revision of the physical basis of relativity and dynamics, supported amply and rigorously by…

Posted On: Friday, October 28, 2022 - 09:39

താരാപഥത്തിലെ വിജയവീഥികൾ: ജ്യോതിശാസ്ത്ര മേഖലയിലെ ഉപരി-പഠനസാധ്യതകളും തൊഴിൽ അവസരങ്ങളും
ഭാരതീയ ജ്യോതിശാസ്ത്ര ഗവേഷണ നിലയത്തിലെ ഗവേഷകരുമായി ഒരു ചർച്ച
A panel discussion and Q&A in Malayalam on "Education and career paths in astronomy in India", by Indian Institute of Astrophysics
This is the 9th in the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) Talk…

Posted On: Friday, October 28, 2022 - 09:18

We would like to announce the Galflows2023 meeting to be organized at IUCAA from 2-5 February. The (in-person) workshop will bring together researchers in India working on the topics of galactic outflows and inflows, and how they impact galaxy evolution in general. We encourage you to register for the workshop and submit an abstract if your research interests overlap with the topic. You may…

Posted On: Friday, October 28, 2022 - 09:14

We are happy to announce the second AL1SC workshop that will be conducted at  Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Udupi, Karnataka from 28th November 2022 to 30th November 2022. This is a thematic workshop focusing on the studies of solar flares in the solar atmosphere. This workshop is primarily for students who are pursuing Ph.D./Integrated Ph.D. or those who have passed M.Sc (…

Posted On: Friday, October 21, 2022 - 06:54

The Office of Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, along with the Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University), Varanasi, and the Indian National Young Academy of Sciences (INYAS) have developed the EYS (short for Empowering Young Scientists) Questionnaire. The questionnaire aims to get a comprehensive view of ideas from young researchers (≤ 45 years of age) to…

Posted On: Friday, October 21, 2022 - 06:48

Department of Physics,  Amity Institute  of Applied Sciences (AIAS), Amity University,NOIDA is organizing a one day (17 Nov 2022) workshop entitled `Workshop on Recent Progress in Astrophysics'.  


Date: 17/11/2022 (Thu) 

Time: from 1000 hr to 1700 hr 

Venue: Online (Link will be provided to the registered participants later)   …

Posted On: Friday, October 14, 2022 - 10:26

Greetings from the Department of Mathematics, Central University of Rajasthan!
I am happy to invite you to the International Workshop on Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy (IWCMDA-2023) to be conducted by the Department of Mathematics, Central University of Rajasthan during 6-8 January 2023. Free registration via link  …

Posted On: Friday, October 7, 2022 - 10:52

We are making the announcement for the Kodaikanal Winter School to be held at the Kodaikanal Solar Observatory of the Indian Institute of Astrophysics during 23-28 Jan 2023. The workshop aims to introduce potential Master's students to solar astronomy, heliospheric physics, and space weather research. The workshop will have lectures from experts in the discipline and hands-on data analysis…

Posted On: Friday, September 30, 2022 - 18:22

IFAS7 school is scheduled to be held at IUCAA during 21 - 27 November 2022.

Application deadline is 15 Oct. 2022

Please find more information from the link : https://ifas7.sciencesconf.org/

Posted On: Friday, September 30, 2022 - 18:21

The SkyNews for October 2022, please find more information from the attached file.

Arvind Paranjpye


Posted On: Friday, September 23, 2022 - 08:55

The 15th Radio Astronomy Winter School (RAWS2022), a joint initiative of IUCAA and NCRA-TIFR, will be held in the offline mode from 13th to 23rd December 2022 at Pune. The last date for applications is 9th October. RAWS2022 will consist of lectures, experiments and demonstrations. Teams comprising of faculty mentors and students will work on activities together and interact closely with the…

Posted On: Friday, September 23, 2022 - 08:54

Indo-French CEFIPRA Astronomy Meeting (IFCAM)-III
SKA/MSE and Multi-wavelength Synergies Workshop

January 9-13 2023, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bengaluru

Meeting Objective: New-generation multiwavelength (radio/IR/optical/gamma-rays) facilities that will be available in the next decade are expected to advance our understanding of a wide variety of celestial objects (…

Posted On: Friday, September 23, 2022 - 08:49

The 8th BRICS Astronomy Working Group Workshop (BAWG 2022) will be held during October 18 – 20, 2022. This meeting is hosted by the National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC) and supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.

The first BRICS Astronomy Working Group Workshop started in 2015, when the Astronomy Working Group was established. It…

Posted On: Friday, September 16, 2022 - 12:18

Forefront Areas of Research in Astronomy, Astrophysics & Space Science

The online Symposium is on September 18, 2022.

Please find more information from the link below and attached file-


Posted On: Friday, September 16, 2022 - 12:18
Please find attached the SkyNews supplement which has predictions of Eclipses, Occultations and transits of Galilean moons for September 2022. Measuring Speed of Light by Roemer’s method can be a very interesting observational exercise.Prof Jasjeet Singh Bagla had done this exercise when he was in college. For his article please visit…
Posted On: Monday, September 5, 2022 - 13:43

We are pleased to announce the "1st National Workshop on GEANT4 and its Application to High-Energy Physics and Astrophysics", jointly organised by TIFR and IUCAA, to be held from 5th December 2022 to 9th December 2022 on IUCAA Pune campus. The workshop is aimed towards capacity building of graduate students, postdocs and scientific staff using GEANT4 for their research in high-energy physics…