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Affiliation: ARIES, NAINITAL
Conference ID: ASI2017_1306
Title : Polarimetric and Spectroscopic Study of L1616
Authors and Co-Authors : Piyali Saha (ARIES), A. Soam (KASI), Neha S. (ARIES), Maheswar G. (ARIES), Manoj P. (TIFR)
Abstract Type : Oral
Abstract Category : Stars,ISM and the Galaxy
Abstract : The Lynds cloud L1616 is located at an angular distance of about 6 degree west of the Orion OB1 associations, in the galactic coordinate l = 203.5384 degree, b = - 24.6870 degree roughly in the east-west direction. This cloud, placed at a distance of ∼ 450 pc, shows a clear head-tail morphology. The presence of highly massive stars in the Orion belt is supposed to be responsible for its cometary shape. We carried out optical polarimetry of the cometary globule L1616 to map the ambient magnetic field geometry. The contribution of foreground material in polarization was removed from the observed polarization results by doing polarimetry of a number of foreground stars inferred from their distances measured by the Hipparcos satellite. The plane-of-sky magnetic field lines are found to be randomly oriented. Optical and NIR broadband spectroscopy also have been done for YSOs around L1616. Based on the polarimetric results we can conclude that magnetic field strength in L1616 is very small and this cometary globule is fragmenting. We also present spectral type of YSOs from spectroscopic study.