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Name: Jayanti Krishna Pandey
Affiliation: Udai Pratap college Varanasi, U.P.
Conference ID: ASI2017_1383
Title : Low and high latitude solar activity
Authors and Co-Authors : K. K. Pandey2, K. M. Hiremath3, K. Chenna Reddy4, T.K. Srivastava5 1, 5. Department of Physics, Udai Pratap Autonomous college Varanasi, U.P., 221002, India 2, 4. Department of Astronomy, Osmania university, Hyderabad, T.S., 500 007, India 3. Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangaluru, Karnatak, 560034, India.
Abstract Type : Poster
Abstract Category : Sun and the Solar System
Abstract : Most energetic exhibition during solar activity is manifested, in general, at 0-45deg latitude (or low latitude) where as less energetic events are preferred at 46-90 deg latitude (or high latitude). Although low and high latitude activity manifestations are different in nature of occurrence but filament’s occurrence is common at low and high latitude. The difference in characteristics of a common activity is more valuable study than similarity in characteristics of two different activity at two different preferred zones. Using filament data, from 1957-2008, we find that phase, periodicity and, amplitude of high latitude activity is different from low latitude activity. High latitude activity commences during solar maximum of one cycle and ends before solar maximum of next cycle at low latitude activity.