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Name: Mousumi Das
Affiliation: IIA, Bangalore
Conference ID: ASI2017_1405
Title : A Study of the Galaxies within the Bootes Void
Authors and Co-Authors : H.Intema (Leiden University), K.S.Dwarakanath (RRI), P.Kharb (NCRA)
Abstract Type : Oral
Abstract Category : Extragalactic astronomy
Abstract : We present a study of the galaxies within one of the largest known voids in our nearby universe, the Bootes void. Voids contain a sparse but significant population of galaxies that represent the remnants of the hierarchical galaxy formation process and their distribution may delineate a void substructure. A significant fraction of these galaxies show signatures of ongoing star formation and nuclear activity similar in nature to normal galaxies in denser environments. It is not clear what triggers this star formation and nuclear activity; close interactions with companion galaxies or gas accretion along filaments are possible explanations. To obtain a better understanding of these galaxies we have studied the stellar, gas and radio emission from galaxies in the Bootes void using GMRT radio observations and existing HI, optical and x-ray observations in the literature. We find that galaxies in the Bootes void are more evolved compared to those in smaller voids; we discuss the implications of our results.