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Name: Ashish Mahabal
Affiliation: Caltech
Conference ID: ASI2017_888
Title : Art of Exploring and Exploiting Archives
Authors and Co-Authors :
Abstract Type : Poster
Abstract Category : Instrumentation and Techniques
Abstract : In the last few years astronomy has become much richer in terms of available datasets thanks to a large number of sky-surveys, and it is getting better by the day. While the teams executing the surveys do go after the obvious science, there is a lot more that is left undone for various reasons. If you can combine data from two or more surveys, even better. In general, you no longer need a large telescope to produce science that is new and of interest. If you do have access to a telescope and/or a private data-set to go with the public datasets, even better. We will describe various resources available for such explorations and exploitations (statistical, mathematical, computational), list a few large surveys (along with their properties) which have made their data available online, and mention a few ideas for such explorations.