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1 A K Pandey ASI2018_1829 ARIES
2 A Vijaya ASI2018_1603 Astronomy
3 A. N. Ramaprakash ASI2018_1022 IUCAA
4 Aarthy E ASI2018_1281 PRL, Ahmedabad Near Infrared Polarimetry – an add on to NICS at MIRO
5 Abdul Jaleel PP ASI2018_1178 University of Delhi Phase resolved spectroscopy of Cyg X-3 using High Resolution Grating Spectra and NuSTAR observations
6 Abhay Mehta ASI2018_1583 St. Xavier Exploring the mass-radius relationship for exoplanets
7 ABHIMANYU S ASI2018_1135 TATA INSTITUTE OF FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH Improved timing model for binary pulsars with tiny orbital eccentricities.
8 Abhirup Datta ASI2018_1311 Indian Institute of Techonology Indore
9 Abhisek Mohapatra ASI2018_805 Dept. Of Physics, NIT Rourkela Implication of ultraviolet background on physical properties of intervening {\CIII} absorbers in the redshift range 2 $<$ z $<$ 3.
10 Abhishek Kumar Srivastava ASI2018_1370 Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi-221005, India On Understanding New Heating Candidates for Sun's Corona
11 Aditi Vijayan ASI2018_974 RRI X-ray emission from disc-wide outflows in spiral galaxies
12 Aditya Manuwal ASI2018_1596 Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology A Survey of Intervening C IV Absorbers at Low Redshifts
13 Agniva Roychowdhury ASI2018_1685 Presidency University, Kolkata Study of multi-band X-Ray Time Variability of Mrk 421 using ASTROSAT
14 Aisha Dantuluri ASI2018_1683 Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad Examining the Statistical Significance of the Annual Modulation suggested by DAMA/LIBRA
15 Aishrila Mazumder ASI2018_1608 IIT, Indore Cosmic Reionization with SKA1-Low – Simulations
16 AJAY ASI2018_1672 RATHEESH Astrosat Cadmium Zinc Telluride Imager as a Short GRB Detector
17 Ajay Vibhute ASI2018_743 Inter University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics Bayesian spectrum reconstruction technique for Astrosat CZTI
18 Ajit Kembhavi ASI2018_1053 IUCAA, Pune
19 Akanksha Tiwary ASI2018_1199 RAD@Home Recent discoveries using GMRT & the growing community of #RADatHomeIndia e-astronomers leveraging Any BSc/BE Can Do research( #ABCDresearch ) approach
20 Akash Kumar Patwa ASI2018_603 Raman Research Institute On detecting EoR using drift scan data from MWA
21 Alaxender Panchal ASI2018_1605 ARIES, Nainital Extinction map of LMC and SMC using Cepheid variables
22 ALIK PANJA ASI2018_1320 S. N. BOSE NATIONAL CENTRE FOR BASIC SCIENCES Insights of stellar evolution in an active star-forming site Sh2-242
23 AMITESH OMAR ASI2018_553 ARIES Nainital A FOSC-type spectrograph for 3.6-m Devasthal Optical Telescope
24 Amith Govind ASI2018_1160 Christ University
25 Ananda Hota ASI2018_818 UM-DAE Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Mumbai Five year report on discoveries using GMRT and RAD@home a nation-wide inter-university collaboratory of 100+ citizen-scientists
26 Anindita Mondal ASI2018_508 S N Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences Calculation of H and He emission line fluxes in Novae spectra
27 Anjusha Balan ASI2018_1557 Christ University Search for accreting T Tauri stars in nearby young moving groups.
28 Ankit Singh ASI2018_1460 IISER Mohali Ram pressure stripping : An analytical approach
29 Annapurni Subramaniam ASI2018_742 IIA
30 Anwesh Majumder ASI2018_1588 Presidency University Gamma-Ray/X-Ray/Optical Time Variability of Fermi Blazars
31 Apara Tripathi ASI2018_451 DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur
32 Archita Rai ASI2018_1174 Physical Research Laboratory, IIT Gandhinagar Near-Infrared Imaging Spectro-Polarimeter (NISP) instrument for PRL 2.5-m telescope.
33 ARITRA CHAKRABARTY ASI2018_1316 JRF Limb Darkening of Brown Dwarfs
34 Arnab Chakraborty ASI2018_1681 Center Of Astronomy,IIT-Indore Recent uGMRT observations of ELAIS-N1 field
35 ARPAN GHOSH ASI2018_1763 Junior Research Fellow Deep NIR photometry by using TIRCAM2 mounted on 3.6m Devasthal Optical Telescope ---Initial Results
36 Arpita Choudhary ASI2018_1799 Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai
37 Arun Kumar Diwakar ASI2018_1086 ITM Uuniversity Raipur Very flat triaxial mass models of elliptical galaxies
38 Arunima Banerjee ASI2018_1194 IUCAA, Pune Origin of low surface brightness galaxies: A dynamical study
39 Arvind Balasubramanian ASI2018_1679 IISER Pune Calculating the CZTI all-sky sensitivity to transients
40 Aseem Paranjape ASI2018_1725 IUCAA Pune Recent insights into dark halo assembly and implications for galaxy evolution
41 Ashish Kumar Meena ASI2018_1667 IISER MOHALI Higher order caustics in gravitational lensing
42 Ashish Mahabal ASI2018_888 Caltech Deep Learning the Time Domain
43 Ashish Patel ASI2018_1600 Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya Estimation of Magnetic Reconnection Rates and its association with Flare and CME’s
44 Ashmita Tribedi ASI2018_1206 Executive Member, Sky Watchers Citizen Science: Contributing in Professional Astronomy being an Amateur
45 Aswathy S ASI2018_1671 Department of Physics, University of Calicut Estimation of the masses of super massive black holes in nearby galaxies using central intensity ratio
46 Atharva ASI2018_1669 IISER Pune GROWTH-India telescope
47 Atul Mohan ASI2018_450 NCRA-TIFR Exploring coronal faint non-thermal emission features using high Dynamic range snapshot-spectroscopic metrewave-imaging
48 Aveek Sarkar ASI2018_1449 PRL, Ahmedabad Numerical Simulation of active region MHD oscillations and coronal loop implosion
49 Avinash Anand ASI2018_1582 National Institute of Science Education & Research (NISER), Bhubaneswar Probing the clustering of Lyman-alpha forest using cosmological hydrodynamic simulations
50 Avinash Singh ASI2018_1461 IISER Mohali Perturbation in Tachyon Dark Energy and it's Effect on Matter Clustering
51 Avni Paresh Parmar ASI2018_1307 Pune University Jet kinematics of NGC 660
52 Avrajit bandyopadhyay ASI2018_701 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Connection between Globular clusters and Galactic halo
53 Ayesha Maryam Mazarbhuiya ASI2018_793 Ph.D Scholar, Assam Universuty Polarimetric study of comet C/2015 V2 (Johnson) at low phase angle
55 Bandhan Goyal ASI2018_1611 Thapar Amateur Astronomers Society, Thapar University
56 Barnali Das ASI2018_1597 NCRA-TIFR Discovery of Electron Cyclotron MASER Emission from the magnetic chemically peculiar star HD 133880
57 Bhagorao Tukaram Tate ASI2018_1664 Balbhim Arts, science and Commerce College, Beed-431122(M. S) India. Properties and Fate of Dust in Early type Galaxies
58 Bhal Chandra Joshi ASI2018_611 NCRA-TIFR Using wide-band multi-frequency capabilities of upgraded-GMRT for single pulse studies and pulsar timing
59 Bhanushree N ASI2018_1845 Bangalore University
60 Bhargav Vaidya ASI2018_1539 Indian Institute of Technology Indore Non-thermal Emission and Polarisation from AGN Jets.
61 Bhaswati ASI2018_1635 NCRA Searching for pulsars with GMRT : Fermi-directed search and GHRSS survey
62 Bhupendra Kumar Tiwari ASI2018_422 A.P.S. University Rewa M.P. Study of Solar-Interplanetary causes and their Impact on GCR fluxes During Solar Minimum of SC 23/24
63 Biman B. Nath ASI2018_1769 Raman Research Institute Galaxies and the intergalactic medium
64 Bindu Rani ASI2018_1656 NASA GSFC Wobbling jets in active super-massive black holes
65 Biny Sebastian ASI2018_857 NCRA-TIFR uGMRT study of X-shaped radio sources
66 Biswajit Paul ASI2018_855 Raman Research Institute X-ray timing from milliseconds to decades and time resolved spectroscopy/polarimetry
67 Blesson Mathew ASI2018_1674 Christ University Discovery of a population of Herbig Be stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud
68 Brajesh Kumar ASI2018_917 Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore Long term optical monitoring of the transitional Type Ic/BL-Ic supernova ASASSN-16fp (SN 2016coi)
69 Brijesh Kumar ASI2018_1812 ARIES, Nainital
70 Bunty Virwani ASI2018_1821 Physics
71 C S Stalin ASI2018_784 Indian Institute of Astrophysics
72 Chayan Mondal ASI2018_737 Indian Institute of Astrophysics UVIT imaging of WLM: How clumpy are the young and hot star distribution in this metal poor galaxy?
74 D J Saikia ASI2018_1817 NCRA, TIFR
75 D.Ram Prasad ASI2018_1748 Department of Astronomy & Department of Geophysics, Osmania University Decrypting Stellar Oscillations
76 Debades Bandyopadhyay ASI2018_1562 Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
77 Debanjan Sarkar ASI2018_1638 Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Modelling redshift-space distortion (RSD) in the post-reionization HI 21-cm power spectrum
78 Debdutta Paul ASI2018_430 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Luminosity function of Gamma Ray Bursts
79 Debi Prasad Choudhary ASI2018_1080 California State University Northridge Flows along Super-Penumbral Fibrils of Sunspots
80 Deekshya roy sarkar ASI2018_1760 employee Near-Infrared Imaging Spectro Polarimeter(NISP) Electronics and Detector Interface Development
81 DEEPAK PANDEY ASI2018_1124 KUMAUN UNIVERSITY Comparison between Associated and non-Associated type II solar radio bursts during decay phase of solar cycle 23
82 Devarshi Choudhury ASI2018_1171 Christ University Characterizing Disc Evolution of Pre-Main Sequence Stars in 3 – 50 Myr Open Clusters
83 Devendra K. Ojha ASI2018_1578 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
84 Dharam Vir Lal ASI2018_1026 NCRA-TIFR Cluster and radio relic: A sharp view using upgraded GMRT
85 DHRIMADRI KHATA ASI2018_1357 S.N.BOSE NATIONAL CENTRE FOR BASIC SCIENCES Understanding Physical Properties of Young M-dwarfs: Optical and Near-IR Spectroscopic studies.
86 Dinesh V. Raut ASI2018_1604 National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA-TIFR) Measuring the reionization 21cm fluctuations using clustering wedges.
87 Dipanjan Mukherjee ASI2018_1563 University of Torino, Italy Impact of relativistic jets from AGNs on their host galaxies
88 Dipankar Banerjee ASI2018_383 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Long term study of the sun using Kodaikanal Digitized data
89 Divya Oberoi ASI2018_798 NCRA-TIFR Solar radio astronomy at low radio frequencies: The dawn of a new era
90 Dr Vijayakumar H Doddamani ASI2018_1027 Bangalore University, Bangalore, karnataka An intensive monitoring study of Seyfert-1 galaxy NGC 7469 using IUE
91 Dr. JAI PRAKASH CHATURVEDI ASI2018_1839 Professor and Dean of Sciences (Retd) DDU Gorakhpur University
92 Dr. K. CHENNA REDDY ASI2018_785 Osmania University A study on variation of meteor count and echo detection heights during solar cycle 23 and24
93 Dr. K. Ramesh ASI2018_1852 Vignan Institute of Technology and Science
94 Dr. Mahadev Baburao Pandge ASI2018_499 Dayanand Science College Latur
95 Dr. P. Seema ASI2018_1009 University of Hyderabad Investigation of SPITZER MIR spectra on a sample of Ultra Large/ Large infra- red Galaxies to understand the role of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
96 Dr. Sabyasachi Pal ASI2018_1228 Indian Centre for Space Physics Low frequency radio emission from extra-solar planets using TIFR GMRT Sky Survey
97 Dr. Smriti Mahajan ASI2018_572 IISER Mohali Blue spheroids: progenitors of spirals or passive ellipticals?
98 Dr. Tuhin Ghosh ASI2018_1526 National Institute of Science Education and Research Measurements of Degree-scale B-mode polarization with BICEP2, Keck Array and Planck
99 Dr. Vipin K. Yadav ASI2018_1274 SPL / VSSC / ISRO / DOS The magnetic environment study of terrestrial planets – Venus and Mars
100 Dr.D.Shanti Priya ASI2018_844 Osmania University Photometric Investigation of ultra-short period M-type eclipsing binaries from OGLE galactic bulge survey
101 Firoza Sutaria ASI2018_597 Indian Institute of Astrophysics UV studies of X-ray and optically bright SNRs.
102 G. Mamatha Rani ASI2018_1649 Osmania University, Hyderabad Variable O'Connell effect and unseen third body in a Kepler binary K2 EPIC 2071279
103 G.C. Anupama ASI2018_889 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Studies of Supernovae in the era of future large facilities
104 Gajanan Dnyaneshwar Harale ASI2018_471 student Role Of Fermi I and Fermi II mechanisms in modulating electron energy spectrum responsible for radio emissions in Galaxy clusters
105 Gargi Shaw ASI2018_1621 TIFR Low-mass X-ray binaries (LMXBs)
106 GAURAV SINGH ASI2018_1179 Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational sciences(ARIES) STUDY OF BLUE STRAGGLER STARS IN GALACTIC GLOBULAR CLUSTER NGC 6656
107 Gaurava K Jaisawal ASI2018_1592 National Space Institute (DTU Space), Copenhagen, Denmark Spectral and timing properties of newly discovered X-ray pulsar Swift J0243.6+6124
108 GAUTAM SAIKIA ASI2018_634 TEZPUR UNIVERSITY A study of HII regions in the Large Magellanic Cloud using Spitzer and AKARI observations
109 Gayathri Viswanath ASI2018_1767 Christ University Estimation of Black Hole mass of a sample of narrow line Seyfert 1 galaxies
110 GOPIKA K ASI2018_1705 IIST Radio continuum mapping of HII regions - IRAS 17009-4042 and IRAS 17008-4040
111 Gourav Banerjee ASI2018_1538 Dept. of Physics, Christ University, Bangalore Spectroscopic Studies of Galactic Field Be stars through CaII and FeII emission lines
112 HARIKRISHNA SRIPADA ASI2018_731 Dept. of Astronomy,Osmania University,Hyd Analytical study of shocks in accretion disk and accretion ejection mechanism.
113 harmeen kaur ASI2018_1250 kumaun university nainital Photometric studies of NGC 6910 cluster
114 Harsh Grover ASI2018_1827 Birla Institute of Technology and Science
115 Indranil Chattopadhyay ASI2018_773 ARIES
116 J. N. H. S. Aditya ASI2018_838 National Centre for Radio Astrophysics
117 J.K.Jain ASI2018_1499 physical Research Laboratory
118 Jais Kumar ASI2018_1665 Department of Physics, IIT (BHU) Varanasi. Polarization calibration and its need in radio astronomy
119 Jameer Manur ASI2018_1219 IUCAA Faraday Rotation
120 Jay Viralbhai Desai ASI2018_1497 Prarthana Vidyalaya
121 Jayanand Maurya ASI2018_1646 ARIES, Nainital. Photometric study of the open cluster NGC 2239
122 Jayanta Roy ASI2018_1642 NCRA-TIFR J1227-4853 a transitional millisecond pulsar probing neutron star at crossroad
123 Jayaram N. Chengalur ASI2018_1089 NCRA-TIFR
124 Jayprakash R. Kamble ASI2018_1478 National Centre for Radio Astrophysics Post Maintenance Quality Checks: Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope
125 Jayshreekar Pant ASI2018_1830 ARIES, Nainital
126 Jessy Jose ASI2018_749 IISER, Tirupati The youngest free-floating planets: A transformative survey of nearby star forming regions with the novel W-band filter at CFHT-WIRCam
127 Jigisha ASI2018_1745 Raman Research Institute The dynamic spectral signatures from Lunar Occulation: A simulation study
128 Jishnu Bhattacharya ASI2018_665 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Iterative inversion of synthetic travel times successful at recovering sub-surface profiles of supergranular flows
129 Joydeep Bagchi ASI2018_1325 Inter University Centre for Astronomy & Astrophysics (IUCAA)
130 K S Dwarakanath ASI2018_1486 Raman Research Institute Discovery of radio relics in the outskirts of the low-mass galaxy cluster Abell 168
131 K Sasikumar Raja ASI2018_458 IISER, Pune Turbulent density fluctuations and proton heating rate in the solar wind from $9-20~R_{\odot}$
132 K. Sriram ASI2018_1297 Department of Astronomy Investigating the dynamical instability criterion for asynchronous binary systems
133 K.B.Raghavendra Rao ASI2018_1824 RRI
135 Kameswara Bharadwaj Mantha ASI2018_1537 University of Missouri Kansas City A Tale of Two Galaxy Merger Identification Techniques: Empirical and Theoretical Investigation of Close-Pairs and Tidal Features
136 Kanhaiya Lal Pandey ASI2018_1743 Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, India. Role of primordial black holes in SMBH formation at high $z$
137 Katherine Rawlins ASI2018_1584 University of Mumbai The interstellar radiation field of high-redshift damped Lyman-alpha absorbers
138 Kaushal Buch ASI2018_1648 GMRT, NCRA-TIFR Initial Developments in the Design and Implementation of FPA Beamformer for the Expanded GMRT
139 Kaushal Sharma ASI2018_456 IUCAA, Pune
140 Kaustav Mitra ASI2018_571 Presidency University, Kolkata Halo Occupation Distribution of Quasars : Revisiting the AGN Unification
141 Kaustubh Vaghmare ASI2018_1814 IUCAA
142 Koshy George ASI2018_1129 Indian institute of Astrophysics Star formation influence the Fundamental Plane of early-type galaxies
143 Krima Rohela ASI2018_1223 STUDENT
144 KRISHAN CHAND ASI2018_1643 ARIES AGN Reverberation Monitoring (DOT-ARM): Probing AGN Black-hole Masses And Broad Line Regions.
145 Krishna Kumar Pandey ASI2018_931 Department of Astrnomy, Osmania University, Hyderabad Study of solar activity during solar cycles 21-23
146 Krishnareddy ASI2018_1831 ARIES,Nainital
148 Kshitija Kelkar ASI2018_1702 Raman Research Institute Evolving galaxies in evolving environments
149 Kumar ASI2018_964 ARIES Demonstration of suitability of observer based velocity estimation in distributed telescope control systems
150 Kuntal Misra ASI2018_704 ARIES Merger ejecta in short gamma ray bursts
151 Kyadampure Anil Tejerao ASI2018_1431 Department of Physics, Sanjeevanee Mahavidyalaya, Chapoli Investigation of a pair of prominent X-ray cavities in Abell 3581 and NGC 1407.
152 Lankeswar Dey ASI2018_1617 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Constraining higher order gravitational wave back-reaction in blazar OJ287 black hole binary
153 Lavu Shitap ASI2018_1823 RAD at home Astronomy Collaboratory, India
154 Lokesh Kumar Dewangan ASI2018_522 Physical Research Laboratory Observational Signatures of Cloud-Cloud Collision in the Galactic Star-Forming Regions
155 Madhuri Siriprolu ASI2018_1662 Indian Institute of Science Development and Studies on TPC GEM X-ray Polarimeter
156 Madhurima Choudhury ASI2018_1694 Indian Institute of Technology Foreground Subtraction in redshifted 21cm Global Signal Experiments using Artificial Neural Networks
157 MAHADEVAPPA ASI2018_1639 GITAM University off campus Hyderabad Theoretical and observational study of mineralogy in debris disks
158 MAHESH CHANDRA MATHPAL ASI2018_1118 Kumaun university, Nainital Study of Solar-terrestrial link by Soft Computing technique
159 MAJIDUL RAHAMAN ASI2018_1786 IIT INDORE Study of Galaxy Cluster Mergers - Lessons from High Fidelity X-ray Temperature Maps
160 Malu S ASI2018_680 Department of Astronomy, Osmania University, Hyderabad Evidence of a tertiary component in Kepler contact binary K2 EPIC 2073314
161 Manash Samal ASI2018_1739 National Central University, Taiwan Understanding star formation in filamentary clouds - a case study on the G182.4+00.3 cloud
162 Mandar Patil ASI2018_1531 IMAPN Warsaw Can we use gravity to produce ultra-high energy cosmic rays and neutrinos ?
163 Manisha Pithadia ASI2018_1598 Kadi sarva vishwavidyalaya Study of energy build-up and release process in solar storms
164 Manoj Puravankara ASI2018_933 TIFR, Mumbai A comparative analysis of X-ray emission from young stars in Orion and Carina
165 Manoneeta Chakraborty ASI2018_1585 IIT Indore The peculiar bursting behavior of magnetars and its implications
166 Manvendra Pratap Rajvanshi ASI2018_1689 IISER, Mohali Nonlinear Spherical Perturbations in Quintessence Cosmology
167 Margarita Safonova ASI2018_684 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Pros and Cons of Classification of Exoplanets: in Search for the Right Habitability Metric
168 Mayank Narang ASI2018_1101 Tata Institute Of Fundamental Research Are Exoplanet properties determined by the host star?
169 Mayur Bhaskar Shende ASI2018_1666 Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune Formation of Episodic Jets from Black Hole Accretion Disks
170 Mohana Krishna.R ASI2018_864 IISc - ISRO Optimum modulation for coronal field measurements on a space based observatory
171 Muhammed Abdurahman K ASI2018_1778 MES Ponnani College, University of Calicut Geoeffectiveness of Coronal Mass Ejections
172 Muhammed saleem ASI2018_1390 IISER, Trivandrum Short-GRB afterglows in coincidence with gravitational waves from Binary Neutron Star mergers
173 Mukul Mhaskey ASI2018_879 University of Pune GMRT quasi-simultaneous simultaneous observations of 25 Inverted Spectrum Extragalactic Radio Sources
174 N Bhargav Reddy ASI2018_1711 RAD(Real Astronomy Discovery)
175 NAFISA AFTAB ASI2018_682 RAMAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE A study of X-ray reprocessing in low mass X-ray binaries with XMM-Newton
177 Nagamani P. ASI2018_806 Department of Astronomy, Osmania University, Hyderabad Correlation between Structural properties of galaxies in coma clusters.
178 nandita ASI2018_1428 Udaipur Solar Observatory, PRL Stealth CMEs and problem geomagnetic storms
179 Naslim Neelamkodan ASI2018_1700 School of Physics, University of Hyderabad ALMA reveals molecular cloud N55 in the Large Magellanic Cloud as a site of massive star formation
180 Nayana A J ASI2018_462 NCRA-TIFR uGMRT observations of a TeV SNR G353.6-0.7
181 Neal Titus Thomas ASI2018_1624 Christ University Spectro-Timing analysis of neutron star low mass X-ray binaries
182 Neelam J S S V Prasad ASI2018_1714 Physical Research Laboratory PRL 2.5m Telescope
183 neelam panwar ASI2018_582 University of Delhi Young stellar population and star formation history of the Pelican Nebula/ IC 5070
184 Neeraj Gupta ASI2018_1663 IUCAA
185 NETAI BHUKTA ASI2018_1779 PHD SCHOLAR Irregular Radio Galaxies from TIFR GMRT Sky Survey
186 Nevil Shah ASI2018_1599 ISER, Mohali A study of Blue Straggler Stars in Intermediate Open Clusters
187 Nidhi ASI2018_1481 University of Delhi, Delhi Collapsing Supra-massive neutron stars and FRBs
188 Niladri Paul ASI2018_713 Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics Halo model of HI galaxies and their scaling relations
189 Nilesh Sadashiv Raskar ASI2018_733 NCRA-TIFR Band-2 and Band-4 of Upgraded GMRT: Updates on time-domain and frequency-domain stability
190 Nilkanth Vagshette ASI2018_1634 Maharashtra Udayagiri Mahavidyalaya, Udgir AGN heating versus radiative cooling in the galaxy clusters
191 Ninan Sajeeth Philip ASI2018_1060 St. Thomas College
192 Niruj Mohan Ramanujam ASI2018_1024 National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA-TIFR)
193 Nirupam Roy ASI2018_1371 IISc Spectral line observations with the upgraded GMRT
194 Nishtha Sachdeva ASI2018_416 Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune Proxies for CME acceleration
195 Nobleson K ASI2018_1770 Osmania University Alternate initial conditions for the big bang cosmological model
196 P Sreekumar ASI2018_1054 Indian Institute of Astrophysics
197 P. Vivekananda Rao ASI2018_1335 Department of Astronomy, Osmania University, Hyderabad
198 Pankaj Kumar ASI2018_1653 NASA GSFC, Greenbelt, MD, USA Quasi-periodic Radio Bursts Associated with Fast-mode Waves near a Magnetic Null Point
199 PAUL KT ASI2018_971 Christ University
200 PAVAN KUMAR VISHWAKARMA ASI2018_1553 Research Scholar A survey of galactic HI cold neutral medium power spectrum
201 Prabir Kumar Mitra ASI2018_1628 Physical Research Laboratory Flux Rope Eruption From a Sigmoid Active Region: Triggering Mechanism and Large-scale Magnetic Reconnection
202 Prabu Thiagaraj ASI2018_1819 Raman Research Institute
203 Pragati Pradhan ASI2018_698 Penn State University, USA and St. Joseph Pulse Profile Studies and Hard X-Ray Properties of Neutron Stars
204 Prajval Shastri ASI2018_868 Indian institute of Astrophysics Multi-wavelength Views of Accreting Supermassive Black Holes using ASTROSAT
205 Pramod Tanaji Padwal ASI2018_1733 NCRA-TIFR uGMRT wideband phasing with automated RFI rejection techniques for pulsar observations.
206 PRANJUPRIYA GOSWAMI ASI2018_1188 TEZPUR UNIVERSITY X-ray spectral curvature of high energy blazars with NuSTAR observations
207 Prasanta Kumar Das ASI2018_1701 BITS Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus Fermionic dark matter and supernova SN1987A cooling
208 PRATEEK GUPTA ASI2018_768 S. P . PUNE UNIVERSITY, PUNE, MAHARASHTRA Numerical modeling of synchrotron radio emission from large scale structures
209 Pratik Dabhade ASI2018_601 IUCAA Giant Radio Galaxies from LOFAR Two Metre Sky Survey
210 pravabati chingangbam ASI2018_935 indian institute of astrophysics Probing length and time scales of the EoR using Minkowski Tensors
211 Preeti Kharb ASI2018_936 National Centre for Radio Astrophysics- TIFR Parsec-scale Nuclear Radio Structures in Seyfert Galaxies
212 Priya Hasan ASI2018_740 MANUU, Hyderabad The Enigma of Star Formation at High Galactic Latitudes
213 Priya T G ASI2018_1637 National Astronomical Observatory, Beijing Statistical analysis on Dynamic fibrils observed from GST/BBSO
214 Priyanka Biradar ASI2018_1534 SRTM University,Nanded XRB Population In Dusty Early Type Galaxies
215 Purshottam ASI2018_1826 ARIES NAINITAL
216 R Anusha ASI2018_1645 Masters Student in Physics ULTRAVIOLET STUDIES OF CLASSICAL Be STARS
217 R. Srianand ASI2018_836 IUCAA
218 RAGHU PRASAD M ASI2018_1698 OSMANIA UNIERSITY, HYDERABAD First photometric analysis of neglected contact binaries from ASAS
219 Rahna P T ASI2018_441 Christ University, Bengaluru Characterizing the in-flight performance of UVIT instrument and UV properties of a galaxy
220 Rahul Bandyopadhyay ASI2018_1213 Satyendra Nath Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata Photoionization Modeling of Planetary Nebulae VV28 and M1-11
221 Rahul Kinger ASI2018_1825 Raman Research Institute
222 Rahul Kothari ASI2018_1580 IIT Madras On the Study of CMB Dipole Modulation and Its Relationship with Spatial Inhomogeneity and Spacetime Noncommutativity
223 Rahul Kumar Anand ASI2018_679 D.D.U. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur, 273009 Study of correlation between optical and infrared bands in some carbon rich late type stars
224 Rahul Kumar Kushwaha ASI2018_1399 Physical Research Laboratory Ozone on Callisto
225 Rahul Sharma ASI2018_1107 University of Delhi Spectroscopy of MXB 1658-298 in two accretion states during recent outburst
226 Raj Prince ASI2018_896 Raman Research Institute Bangalore Fermi-LAT Observation of Brightest Gamma-ray Flare ever Detected from CTA 102
227 Rajeshkumar R shah ASI2018_1815 PHYSICAL RESEARCH LABORATORY
228 Ram Sagar ASI2018_1073 Indian Institute of Astrophysics
229 Ramasamy Venugopal ASI2018_1846 IAU Office of Astronomy for Development
230 Ramij Raja ASI2018_1732 Phd Scholar, IIT Indore Studying merging phenomena of massive clusters through multi-wavelength study of MACSJ0417.5-1154
231 Ramkishor Sharma ASI2018_626 UNIVERSITY OF DELHI A viable $f^2 F^{\mu\nu}F_{\mu\nu}$ model of inflationary magnetogenesis
232 Ramya ASI2018_1736 Shanghai Astronomical Observatory Evolving perspectives on the formation and evolution of Giant Low Surface Brightness galaxies
233 Ranbir Sharma ASI2018_1647 IISER Mohali, Mohali Punjab Principal Component Analysis and Reconstruction of Dark Energy
234 Rashi Jain ASI2018_1613 IIST AstroSat UVIT Investigation of the Globular Cluster NGC2808
235 Rashmi Singh ASI2018_1730 DDU Gorakhpur University,Gorakhpur (UP)-273009 Vibrational transitions in phenyl and vinyl derivatives of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in relation to astrophysical infrared bands
236 Ravindra Pawase ASI2018_1620 Maven Systems Pvt Ltd Automatic detection and classification of solar radio bursts using machine learning and deep learning techniques
237 Rekhesh Mohan ASI2018_1365 Indian Institute of Astrophysics A Deep Imaging Study of Ringed Galaxies using UVIT
238 Rengaswamy Sridharan ASI2018_1255 Indian Institute ofAstrophysics Diffraction limited imaging with the Multi Application Solar Telescope (MAST)
239 Resmi Lekshmi ASI2018_939 Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology The Gamma Ray Burst from the first binary Neutron Star merger
240 Rishikesh Gokhale ASI2018_1015 University of Mumbai Photometric and Spectroscopic study of Luminous Blue HS-Variable, in M31
241 Rishikesh Sharma ASI2018_1572 Physical Research Laboratory
242 Ritu Ravindra Vyaghrambare ASI2018_1684 Osmania University A STUDY OF THE DYNAMICAL CROSS CORRELATION IN A BLACK HOLE SOURCE GROJ1655-40
243 Rohin Kumar Yeluripati ASI2018_1670 Senior Research Fellow Galaxy Clustering in Alternative models
244 rohit ASI2018_649 ncra-tifr Characterising weak low radio frequency emission from the Sun.
245 Rubinur Khatun ASI2018_690 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Understanding the galaxy merger system with EVLA and UVIT.
246 Ruchi Pandey ASI2018_1641 S. N. Bose national Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata Photoionization modelling of dust forming nova V1280 Sco (2007)
247 Ruchika ASI2018_779 IUCAA The group environment in the Coma supercluster
248 Rukaiya Khatoon ASI2018_1559 Tezpur University Probing the origin of high energy variability in Blazars
249 Rukmini Jagirdar ASI2018_1741 Osmania University First Investigations of fundamental parameters of later spectral type W UMa binaries in OGLE Fields
250 Rupak Roy ASI2018_880 IUCAA, Pune The Nuclear-transients
251 Ruta Kale ASI2018_427 NCRA-TIFR Clusters of galaxies with the Upgraded GMRT
252 SADHANA SINGH ASI2018_1614 ARIES, Nainital Characterization of PyLoN1300 B CCD
253 SAFIQUL ISLAM ASI2018_1209 PDF, Harish Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad A parametric model to study the mass radius relationship of stars
254 Sagnick Mukherjee ASI2018_1570 Presidency University X-ray surface brightness profiles of optically selected Active galactic nuclei:Comparison with X-ray AGN
255 Sajad Ahmad Bhat ASI2018_1560 Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata-700064 Role of strong first order hadron-quark phase transition on universality relation
256 Sajal Kumar Dhara ASI2018_1742 Istituto Ricerche Solari Locarno, Switzerland Narrow-band imaging spectropolarimetric observation of active region at Fe I 6173Å
257 Sameer Patel ASI2018_1546 Charotar University of Science & Technology
258 Samir Choudhuri ASI2018_1535 NCRA-TIFR Visibility-based Power Spectrum Estimation for Low-Frequency Radio Interferometric Observations
259 Samir Dhurde ASI2018_1050 IUCAA
260 Samrat Ghosh ASI2018_1356 S N Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, JD Block, Salt Lake, Kolkata - 700106 A Search for Photometric Variability of Very Low Mass stars and Brown Dwarfs
261 SANANDA RAYCHAUDHURI ASI2018_1564 BOSE INSTITUTE, KOLKATA Accretion in five component elliptical galaxy : Multitransonicity, shocks and implications on AGN feedback
263 Sandeep Kumar Kataria ASI2018_551 JAP-IIA, Bangalore A study of Isolated halos distribution in Large-scale structures of universe
264 Santaji N Katore ASI2018_924 NCRA Wideband primary beam measurements for the upgraded GMRT
265 Sarma Modali ASI2018_895 SMRC/USA
266 Sarmistha Banik ASI2018_946 BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus
267 SATADAL DATTA ASI2018_1268 Senior Research Fellow Analogue tachyon in Jeans Cloud
268 Satya Narain Mathur ASI2018_1500 Physical Research Laboratory
269 Satyam Chandra Mishra ASI2018_1713 National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER), Bhubaneswar
270 Saumyadip Samui ASI2018_1677 Presidency University, Kolkata Cosmic Ray driven outflows from high-z galaxies
271 Saurabh ASI2018_1721 ARIES Multi-wavelength studies of star forming regions
272 SD GOUSE ASI2018_1818 Department of Astronomy, Osmania university
273 Shabbir Shaikh ASI2018_618 Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune. Bayesian analysis of hemispherical asymmetry observed in CMB
274 Shabnam Iyyani ASI2018_1576 Inter university centre for astronomy and astrophysics Gamma ray burst: A window to the extraordinary and extreme Universe
275 Shamik Ghosh ASI2018_1696 Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur Current status of the radio dipole and its measurement strategy with the SKA
276 Shantanu Desai ASI2018_1569 IIT Hyderabad Limit on graviton mass from galaxy cluster Abell 1689
277 Shantanu Rastogi ASI2018_518 DDU Gorakhpur University
278 Sharad Chandra Tripathi ASI2018_1291 VIT Bhopal University Enhanced Solar Radiations and their effect on Ionospheric Ionization
279 Sharanya Sur ASI2018_568 Indian Institute of Astrophysics
280 Shashi Bhushan Pandey ASI2018_1746 ARIES Nainital 4KX4K CCD Imager for the 3.6m DOT and first light results
281 Sheo Kumar Pandey ASI2018_1064 Pt Ravishankar Shukla University
282 Shilpa Kastha ASI2018_1630 Institute of Mathematical Sciences Parametrized test of post-Newtonian multipolar structure of compact binary merger
283 Shilpa Sarkar ASI2018_1182 Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences, Nainital Two-temperature flows around compact objects
284 Shishir Sankhyayan ASI2018_594 Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (Pune) Large Scale Structures in SDSS
285 Shiv Kumar Goyal ASI2018_1260 PRL, Ahmedabad Supra Thermal & Energetic Particle Spectrometer (STEPS), onboard Aditya-L1 mission
286 Shridharan Baskaran ASI2018_1565 University of Delhi
287 Shubham Srivastav ASI2018_807 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Observational Studies of Low Redshift Supernovae
288 SITHA K JAGAN ASI2018_1676 Department of Physics, University of Calicut, Malappuram-673635, India Interpretating the synchrotron spectral curvature of PKS 2155-304
289 Snehalata Sahu ASI2018_705 Indian Institute of Astrophysics UVIT Study of Blue Straggler Stars in Globular Cluster NGC 5466
290 Somak Raychaudhury ASI2018_1025 IUCAA
291 SONALI KISHANRAO KADAM ASI2018_1418 S.R.T.M.University,Nanded ICM properties and Cold front detection in cool core cluster Abell795
292 Sonkamble Satish Shripati ASI2018_624 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Metallicity enrichment in hot gas environments via radio jet
293 Sonu Tabitha Paulson ASI2018_1593 Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology Probing Early Phases of High Mass Stars with 6.7 GHz Methanol Masers
294 Soumen Kumar Bera ASI2018_1776 SKBU X-shaped radio galaxies from FIRST survey
295 Soumen Mondal ASI2018_1348 Jadavpur University Gravitational wave emission during the coalescence of the black holes in a binary system in the presence of an accretion disc.
296 Sowmya Krishnamurthy ASI2018_1723 Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research Scattering polarization with Paschen--Back effect as a tool to diagnose the magnetic structuring of the solar atmosphere
297 Sravani Vaddi ASI2018_1211 NCRA-TIFR HST COS Spectroscopy of Cooling Flow Filaments in A2597 and Zw3146
298 Subhabrata Majumdar ASI2018_912 TIFR Cosmological Missing Baryons hidden in CGM
299 Subhajeet Karmakar ASI2018_562 Aryabhatta Research Institute of observational Sciences (ARIES), Nainital A Very Long and Hot X-ray Superflare on an RS CVn type eclipsing binary SZ PSc
300 Subhashree Swain ASI2018_1575 Ph.D. scholar,Pondicherry University A brief study of the nature of Active Galaxies(AG) through Seyfert Unification Scheme in UV and IR band(8µm)
301 Suchetana Chatterjee ASI2018_515 Presidency University
302 Sumana Nandi ASI2018_867 IIA, Bangalore ULIRGs: the progenitors of the powerful FRII radio galaxies
303 SUMANJIT CHAKRABORTY ASI2018_1735 IIT, Indore Effects of Ionosphere and Troposphere on Sensitive Radio Observations from 70 MHz to 24 GHz
304 Sumanta Kumar Sahoo ASI2018_1590 National Institute of Technology, Rourkela Discoveries from GMRT by RAD@home citizen-scientists: Three intriguing cases of jet-galaxy interaction as laboratory for AGN feedback in galaxy merger
305 SUNDAR M N ASI2018_821 Jain University, Bangalore Examining AGN feedback using multi-wavelength data
306 Sunil ASI2018_921 University of Delhi Probing magnetic field in the intervening galaxies using residual rotation measure (rrm) of the background quasars.
307 Surajit Mondal ASI2018_1290 National Center for Radio Astrophysics Ionospheric Studies Using By-products of a Low-radio Frequency Solar Imaging Pipeline
308 Surajit Paul ASI2018_762 Department of Physics, SP Pune University
309 Surendra Vikram Singh ASI2018_1718 Physical Research Laboratory Ahmedabad Radiation Induced Chemistry on Icy Satellite Surfaces Embedded in Magnetospheric Plasma Environments - A New Experimental Facility at PRL
310 Suryarao Bethapudi ASI2018_1568 Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad Separation of pulsar signals from noise using supervised machine learning algorithms
311 Sushan Konar ASI2018_612 NCRA-TIFR The Nulling Pulsars : A statistical study
312 Sushma Kurapati ASI2018_852 NCRA- TIFR Angular momentum of dwarf galaxies
313 Sushrut Mane ASI2018_1697 Ramnarain Ruia College
314 Susmita Barman ASI2018_1764 School of Physics,University of Hyderabad A Photodissociation region in a massive star forming region of the Large Magellanic Cloud
315 Susmita Chakravorty ASI2018_1349 Indian Institute of Science Changing look quasars - BLR gone with the stable wind
316 SUSOVAN MAITY ASI2018_1715 Int. PhD, Physics, HRI On the Role of Disc Thickness in Influencing the Black Hole Spectrum
317 SUVADIP SINHA ASI2018_1682 CESSI, IISER KOLKATA Kinematic study of stealth CMEs
318 Swarna K Ghosh ASI2018_1030 NCRA
319 Syed Najamul Hasan ASI2018_741 MANUU, Hyderabad
320 T Swetha ASI2018_748 Omania University Effect of gas physics on the thickening of disk in multiple minor mergers
321 Tanya Das ASI2018_1571 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Development of a Fabry-Perot etalon stabilization system for Doppler Spectroscopy
322 TAPAN KUMAR SASMAL ASI2018_1775 Sidhi-Kanho-Birsha University Tailed Radio Galaxies from FIRST survey
323 Teja Teppala ASI2018_1196 University of Hyderabad
324 Tejas P ASI2018_1720 IIT Hyderabad Python Code to analyse Sun's white light images from Kodaikanal Observatory
325 Tirtha Pratim Das ASI2018_1606 Scientist, Space Physics Laboratory, VSSC, ISRO Study of noble gases in lunar exosphere using the CHACE-MIP observation of Chandrayaan-1
326 Tirthankar Roy Choudhury ASI2018_696 NCRA-TIFR
327 Tomin K James ASI2018_599 Iiser pune Study on energetics of type I bursts using a model independent electron acceleration mechanism.
328 Tridib Roy ASI2018_718 Indian Institute Of Astrophysics Radio emission of pulsar and polarization
329 Urmi Doshi ASI2018_389 M.P.Birla Institue of Fundamental Research, Bangalore Geomagnetic Storms associated with isolated Halo CME’s during the period 1996-2014.
330 Vaibhav Dixit ASI2018_1595 Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad Deep learning based models for the classification of exoplanetary emission spectra
331 Vaishnavi Rao ASI2018_1632 Student
332 Varsha K R ASI2018_1447 Bangalore University Yearly variation of rotation rate of coronal holes.
333 Vedavathi P ASI2018_1841 Bangalore University
334 Veena V S ASI2018_1703 IIST Understanding the structure, evolution and kinematics of the IRDC G333.73+0.37
335 Veeresh Singh ASI2018_519 Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad Unconventional radio-loud AGN with less massive SMBH
336 Venkat Vijendra Punjabi ASI2018_788 Savitribai Phule Pune University Modeling non-thermal emission from SDSS galaxy groups
337 Vinita Navalkar ASI2018_999 PRL, Ahmedabad
338 Vinutha C ASI2018_1734 Raman Research Institute SWAN (Sky Watch Array Network) Demonstrator: Development & Status.
340 Visweshwar Ram Marthi ASI2018_1658 National Centre for Radio Astrophysics Towards detecting redshifted HI with the Ooty Wide Field Array
341 Yadava Krishnan P ASI2018_1549 Charotar University of Science and Technology
342 YASHPAL BHULLA ASI2018_423 PACIFIC UNIVERSITY UDAIPUR Timing and Spectral studies of Neutron Star GX 5-1
343 Yashwant Gupta ASI2018_845 National Centre for Radio Astrophysics The upgraded GMRT : Overview and Prospects for Pulsar Studies
345 Yogesh Wadadekar ASI2018_861 NCRA-TIFR GMRT Archive Processing Project

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