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SL. No.NameConference IDAffiliationTitle of the AbstractMode of PresentationAbstract Category
1 Abraham Noble ASI2019_238 Mar Thoma College, Tiruvalla Spectroscopic Variability of Be Binary Star $\beta$ Lyrae Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
2 Adak Debabrata ASI2019_398 IUCAA, Pune Dust Polarization Modelling at Large Scale Using Planck and EBHIS Data Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
3 Agaram Raghunathan ASI2019_657 RRI, Bengaluru
4 Agarwal Aditi ASI2019_498 IIA, Bengaluru Multiwavelength studies of blazars over diverse timescales Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
5 Agarwal Shriya ASI2019_279 University of Delhi, Delhi
6 AH CHANDANA ASI2019_402 IIA, Bengaluru
7 Ahangar Asif ASI2019_317 RRI, Bengaluru Correlations of the Non-gravitational energy and BCG radio luminosity in galaxy clusters Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
8 Ajith Parameswaran ASI2019_650 ICTS-TIFR, Bengaluru
9 alam md ASI2019_277 IUCAA, Pune Absorption dips in Cygnus X-1 Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
10 Ananthamoorthy B ASI2019_248 Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences, MAHE UVIT and GALEX: A comparative study Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
11 Anche Ramya ASI2019_473 IIA, Bengaluru Polarization effects due to the segmented primary mirror of the Thirty Meter Telescope Oral Instrumentation and Techniques
12 Anilkumar Hema ASI2019_389 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru
13 Anjum Ayesha ASI2019_73 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru Variability studies of Fermi LAT Blazars Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
14 Ankala RajaBayanna ASI2019_360 PRL, Ahmedabad Fizeau Mask Interferometry of Solar Features using the Multi Application Solar Telescope at the Udaipur Solar Observatory Oral Instrumentation and Techniques
15 Arumalla BalaSudhakaraReddy ASI2019_672 IIA, Bengaluru
16 Aryan Amar ASI2019_254 ARIES, Nainital Photometric and Spectroscopic study of Type I Supernovae. Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
17 Ayyagari Deepthi ASI2019_235 Indian Institute of Technology Indore Ionospheric response to space weather events using IRNSS and GPS TEC observations from Indore. Oral Sun and the Solar System
18 B Ravindra ASI2019_195 IIA, Bengaluru Imaging Instruments for Large Solar Optical Telescopes Invited Instrumentation and Techniques
19 Baby Blessy ASI2019_165 ISAC, Bengaluru Spectro-Temporal Analysis of 4U 1630-472 during its 2018 outburst with AstroSat Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
20 BABY ALEENA ASI2019_645 RRI, Bengaluru
21 Bandyopadhyay Avrajit ASI2019_502 IIA, Bengaluru New discoveries of globular cluster escapees and other results from GOMPA(Galactic survey Of Metal Poor stArs) survey Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
22 Bandyopadhyay Rahul ASI2019_517 SNBNCBS, Kolkata Modeling the Morphology and Ionization Structure of Planetary Nebulae Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
23 Bane Kshitij ASI2019_198 IIA, Bengaluru
24 Banerjee Gourav ASI2019_15 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru
25 Banerjee Dipankar ASI2019_511 IIA, Bengaluru
26 Bangia Tarun ASI2019_486 ARIES, Nainital Mechanical aspects of 3.6m Telescope at Devasthal and proposed future developments Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
27 Banyal Ravinder ASI2019_606 IIA, Bengaluru
28 BARAT SAUGATA ASI2019_65 Presidency University, Kolkata Characterization of X-ray source population in high redshift galaxies Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
29 Barman Susmita ASI2019_111 University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad Physical conditions of HII regions in Superbubble N44 in the LMC Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
31 Barway Sudhanshu ASI2019_595 IIA, Bengaluru
32 Basuvaraj Praveen ASI2019_669 Bangalore University, Bengaluru
33 Baug Tapas ASI2019_316 Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics Influence of stellar wind of Galactic Wolf-Rayet stars on parent molecular clouds Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
34 BERA APURBA ASI2019_365 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Atomic hydrogen and star formation in galaxies at intermediate redshifts Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
35 Bera Soumen ASI2019_337 Jadavpur University Radio Emission from planetary nebulas using TGSS Data Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
36 Beri Aru ASI2019_310 IISER, Mohali NICER and AstroSat Observations of Swift J1658.2-4242 during its 2017 Outburst Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
37 Bhattacharjee Pooja ASI2019_219 Bose Institute Analysis of 9 years of Fermi -LAT data from Tucana-II: Possible constraints on the Dark Matter models Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
38 Bhattacharya Dipankar ASI2019_283 IUCAA, Pune AstroSat observations of Compact Stars Invited Plenary
39 Bhattacharya Debbijoy ASI2019_380 Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences, MAHE Unusual long term low activity state and long term variability of Blazars Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
40 Bhattacharyya Suman ASI2019_46 University Of Kalyani Reconstruction of the Hubble diagram using redshift and relative distant data from SDSS spectral data of elliptical galaxies. Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
41 Bijay Biplab ASI2019_350 NCRA-TIFR, Pune A pilot survey for pulsars with uGMRT Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
42 BM Amrutha ASI2019_266 IIA, Bengaluru
43 Bordoloi Olag ASI2019_467 Tezpur University, Sonitpur Mapping Hydrogen Column Densities towards N11 Complex in the Large Magellanic Cloud Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
44 Borgohain Anshuman ASI2019_457 Tezpur University, Sonitpur Study of Blue Compact Dwarfs in the GOOD-South Field Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
45 BS GIRISH ASI2019_567 RRI, Bengaluru
47 Burse Mahesh ASI2019_516 IUCAA, Pune Design and architecture of the SUIT processing electronics Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
48 C Anjana ASI2019_489 University of Calicut, Thenhipalam BROADBAND X-RAY SPECTRAL STUDY OF ULTRALUMINOUS X-RAY SOURCE M81 X–6 Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
49 C VINUTHA ASI2019_587 RRI, Bengaluru
50 CH IshwaraChandra ASI2019_231 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Deep uGMRT 400 MHz observations of XMMLSS region Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
51 Chakali Eswaraiah ASI2019_142 National Astronomical Observatories of China NAOC Probing magnetic fields at the footprints of the bipolar bubbles - a case study towards Sh201 with JCMT/SCUBAPOL2 Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
52 Chakrabarty Aritra ASI2019_393 IIA, Bengaluru Precise Transit Photometric Observation of the Extra-solar Planets Using Indian Astronomical Facilities Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
53 Chakraborty Arnab ASI2019_81 IIT, Indore Detailed study of the ELAIS N1 field with the uGMRT - I. Characterizing the 325 MHz foreground for redshifted 21 cm observation Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
54 Chakraborty Sumanjit ASI2019_144 IIT, Indore Ionospheric Total Electron Content analysis during descending phase of solar cycle 24 Poster Sun and the Solar System
55 Chakraborty Avinanda ASI2019_274 Presidency University, Kolkata Hβ emission line properties of high velocity quasars and correlation between the origin of radio emission and optical emission Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
56 Chakravorty Susmita ASI2019_397 IISc, Bengaluru Winds in Active Galactic Nuclei Invited Extragalactic Astronomy
57 Chamarthi Sireesha ASI2019_163 IIA, Bengaluru Sensitivity analysis on VBT Echelle spectrogtaph for precision Radial velocity measurements Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
58 CHAND KRISHAN ASI2019_460 ARIES, Nainital AGN Reverberation Monitoring: Probing AGN Black-hole Masses And Broad Line Regions. Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
59 Chandra Poonam ASI2019_155 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Inhomogeneous shock structure in supernovae revealed via low frequency radio observations Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
60 Chandra Satish ASI2019_388 PPNPG College, Kanpur Estimation of Solar Rotation using Radio Emissions originated from Chromosphere and Corona Poster Sun and the Solar System
61 Chandra Pradeep ASI2019_281 BARC, Mumbai Detection of TeV flare from Mrk 421 using TACTIC during 2017-2018 Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
62 Chandra Sunil ASI2019_69 North West University Potchefstroom South Africa
63 Chatterjee Suchetana ASI2019_62 Presidency University, Kolkata Supermassive Black Holes and their Host Dark Matter Halos Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
64 Chatterjee Subhamoy ASI2019_152 IIA, Bengaluru Signature of Extended Cycles from Digitised Ca II K Data of Kodaikanal Observatory Poster Sun and the Solar System
65 Chatterjee Sangita ASI2019_309 Jadavpur University,Kolkata Impact of accretion disk on the gravitational wave-profile emitted from binary merger. Oral General Relativity and Cosmology
66 Chatterjee Arka ASI2019_482 SNBNCBS, Kolkata Discovery of Jet Induced Soft Lags for Galactic Black Holes and AGNs Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
67 Chatterjee Ritaban ASI2019_556 Presidency University, Kolkata Detailed Time Variability Properties of Blazars Using AstroSat Invited Plenary
68 Chatterjee Sourav ASI2019_653 TIFR, Mumbai The Intertwined Stories of Globular Clusters and Their Black Holes Invited Plenary
69 Chatterjee Piyali ASI2019_655 IIA, Bengaluru
70 Chattopadhyay Tanmoy ASI2019_320 Pennsylvania State University, USA Observational Aspects of Hard X-ray Polarimetry Invited Thesis
71 Chengalur Jayaram ASI2019_611 NCRA-TIFR, Pune
72 Chinchwadkar Rohit ASI2019_541 Government college of engineering, Nagpur
73 Choudhary Debiprasad ASI2019_100 California State University Northridge Properties of the Inverse Evershed Flow around Sunspots Poster Sun and the Solar System
74 Choudhuri Arnab ASI2019_660 IISc, Bengaluru
75 Choudhury Gulafsha ASI2019_263 Assam University, Silchar Study of Magnetic Field Geometry of Some Star Forming Clouds Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
76 Choudhury Madhurima ASI2019_147 IIT, Indore Extracting the 21cm Global Signal using artificial neural networks Oral General Relativity and Cosmology
77 Choudhury TirthankarRoy ASI2019_132 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Epoch of reionization: probing cosmology and the first stars Invited Plenary
78 chouhan nilesh ASI2019_293 BARC, Mumbai Mirror panel alignment procedure for the MACE Telescope Oral Instrumentation and Techniques
79 CR Sangeetha ASI2019_508 IUCAA, Pune Magnetic and Kinetic helicity changes during M-class X-ray flares Oral Sun and the Solar System
80 CS Stalin ASI2019_506 IIA, Bengaluru
81 D Radhika ASI2019_91 Dayananda Sagar University Bengaluru AstroSat observations of persistent black holes GRS 1758-258 and 1E 1740.7-2942 Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
82 Damian Belinda ASI2019_226 IISER, Tirupati Luminosity functions of young clusters in massive stellar environments Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
83 Das Swagat ASI2019_59 IISER, Tirupati Observational Studies of Galactic Star Forming Regions Oral Thesis
84 Das Barnali ASI2019_333 NCRA-TIFR, Pune HD 142990: The third main-sequence magnetic star with coherent emission Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
85 DAS MANASPRATIM ASI2019_453 BARC, Mumbai Observation of 1ES1959+650, 1ES 1011+496 and PG 1553+113 using TACTIC gamma-ray telescope. Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
86 Das Mousumi ASI2019_476 IIA, Bengaluru UVIT Observations of Star Formation in the Outer Disk of the Isolated galaxy NGC6946 Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
87 Das UdayKumar ASI2019_561 MANAS
88 Das Prashanta ASI2019_632 IIA, Bengaluru
89 Dash Prathamesh ASI2019_114 NIT, Rourkela Effect of rotation and mixing on Pre-Supernova stellar models Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
90 Datta Ajanta ASI2019_514 HKBK College of Engineering, Bangalore Waves in Solar Atmosphere and their Role in Dynamics of the Corona Oral Thesis
91 Datta Abhirup ASI2019_443 IIT, Indore
92 Deepak ASI2019_289 IIA, Bengaluru The Galactic Halo: Stellar Populations and Formation History Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
93 Deevi SaiPrabhath ASI2019_481 IIA, Bengaluru Development of a direct drive based Alt-Azimuth Telescope for the MASS-DIMM Intruments Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
94 DEKA KABITA ASI2019_434 Tezpur University, Sonitpur The Flux distribution study of Cygnus X-1 to understand its long term temporal behaviour Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
95 Deogaonkar Rushikesh ASI2019_423 Vishwakarma Institute of Technology,Pune Automation in Telescope Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
96 Deshmukh Swati ASI2019_384 IOS, nagpur Star formation and AGN activity in a sample of Blue ETGs Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
97 Deshmukh Prasanna ASI2019_628 IIA, Bengaluru
98 Devaraj Ashish ASI2019_424 IIA, Bengaluru Identification of quasar candidates behind the SMC fields observed by UVIT Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
99 Dewangan Gulab ASI2019_123 IUCAA, Pune
100 DEY SAHEL ASI2019_206 IISc, Bengaluru A realistic simulation of solar atmosphere with subsurface three dimensional magnetic field structure Poster Sun and the Solar System
101 Dhang Prasun ASI2019_181 IISc, Bengaluru A numerical study of MRI driven dynamo in RIAFs Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
102 Dhurde Samir ASI2019_161 IUCAA, Pune
103 Divakar Devika ASI2019_57 IIA, Bengaluru Study of Horizontal Branch stars in the faint Milky Way satellite galaxies Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
104 Dixit Vaibhav ASI2019_120 PRL, Ahmedabad Development of an Adaptive Optics Test-bench: The Computational Approach Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
105 DN Harish ASI2019_537 St Josephs College of arts and science
106 Doddamani Vijayakumar ASI2019_221 Bangalore University, Bengaluru Long term monitoring study of MRK 335 with IUE satellite Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
107 Dutta Sushant ASI2019_135 PRL, Ahmedabad Extended X-ray emission in radio galaxies Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
109 Dwarakanath K ASI2019_575 RRI, Bengaluru
110 Ezhikode Savithri ASI2019_245 IUCAA, Pune Multi-wavelength studies of Mrk 0926 and Mrk 0110 with AstroSat Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
111 Fulara Aarti ASI2019_321 Kumaun University, Nainital On the Dynamics and Energetics of two EUV Waves on 11 April 2013 Oral Sun and the Solar System
112 Furuuchi Kazuyuki ASI2019_373 Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences Weak Gravity Conjecture and Bottom-Up Inflation Model Building Oral General Relativity and Cosmology
113 g sindhuja ASI2019_640 Bangalore University, Bengaluru
114 Ganesh Shashikiran ASI2019_60 PRL, Ahmedabad
115 GC Anupama ASI2019_166 IIA, Bengaluru
116 George Koshy ASI2019_89 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru Ultraviolet view of star formation quenching in galaxies Invited Plenary
117 Ghosh Soumavo ASI2019_184 IUCAA, Pune Dynamical Imprint of Dark Matter Halo and Interstellar Gas on Spiral Structure in Disk Galaxies Oral Thesis
118 Ghosh Subhadeep ASI2019_352 Midnapore City College Search for periodicity and pseudo-periodicity from High Mass X-ray binaries using wavelet techniques Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
119 Giridhar Sunetra ASI2019_593 IIA, Bengaluru
120 Gopalakrishnan Binukumar ASI2019_343 IIA, Bengaluru Micrometeorite collector and SAMPLE – A Method of Collection of Stratospheric Samples Using Balloon-Borne Payload Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
121 GOSWAMI PARTHAPRATIM ASI2019_94 IIA, Bengaluru Chemical analysis of HE 0308-1612 and HE 0017+0055 Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
122 Goswami Pranjupriya ASI2019_490 Tezpur University, Sonitpur Synchrotron spectral curvature of blazars as probe to understand electron diffusion Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
123 GR Bhuvana ASI2019_117 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru A comprehensive spectral and timing analysis of LMC X-2 using RXTE data Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
124 Gudennavar Shivappa ASI2019_637 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru
125 Guha Atanu ASI2019_523 BITS Pilani, Goa Campus Constraints on light Dark Matter fermions from relic density consideration, SN1987A cooling and the role of Tsallis statistics Oral General Relativity and Cosmology
126 Gulati Sanna ASI2019_372 Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences, MAHE Short-term optical variability in misaligned active galaxies Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
127 Gulati Mamta ASI2019_445 Thapar University, Patiala Slow modes in self-gravitating coupled collisionless stellar and gas disc. Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
128 Gupta Saumya ASI2019_115 IISER, Tirupati Pre-main sequence population in Cygnus OB2 using Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
129 GUPTA RAHUL ASI2019_255 ARIES, Nainital Multiwavelength Investigation of the Gamma Ray Burst Afterglow Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
130 Gupta Manu ASI2019_336 CESSI-IISER, Kolkata A study of solar corona using nonlinear force-free field model Poster Sun and the Solar System
131 Gupta Anuj ASI2019_290 Panjab University, Chandigarh Thermodynamical Equilibrium Condensation Calculations in Primitive Solar Gas Oral Sun and the Solar System
132 Gupta Prateek ASI2019_461 S P Pune University Detection possibilities of 'Galaxy groups' using Numerical modelling of Radio emission & Large Scale Cosmological Simulation Oral General Relativity and Cosmology
133 Gupta Yashwant ASI2019_479 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Some new results from the study of pulsar microstructure with the GMRT Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
134 Gupta Ranjan ASI2019_125 IUCAA, Pune
135 Gupta Neeraj ASI2019_631 IUCAA, Pune
136 Gurumath Shashanka ASI2019_269 PRL, Ahmedabad Study on Angular Momentum of G-Stars and Their Exoplanets Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
137 Hasan Priya ASI2019_173 Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad Diffuse Xray Emission in NGC 281 Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
138 Hayatnagarkar Harshal ASI2019_617 ThoughtWorks Technologies, Pune
139 Hazra Gopal ASI2019_271 Beihang University Understanding the behavior of the Sun's large scale magnetic field and Its relation with the meridional flow Oral Thesis
140 Hebbar Sabhya ASI2019_121 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru Temporal properties of the black hole candidate MAXI J1820+070 using AstroSat Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
141 Hegde Manjunath ASI2019_216 IIA, Bengaluru Study of the solar filaments from H-alpha spectroheliograms of the Meudon Observatory Poster Sun and the Solar System
142 Hiremath KM ASI2019_32 IIA, Bengaluru Spin angular momentum of sun like stars that harbor planets: Inference of sun's core rotation Poster Sun and the Solar System
143 Hutchings John ASI2019_558 NRC Canada
144 Islam Safiqul ASI2019_204 Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad FRW bulk viscous cosmology with modified Chaplygin gas in flat space in (2+1)-dimensional space Poster General Relativity and Cosmology
145 Islam Tousif ASI2019_647 ICTS-TIFR, Bengaluru
146 Issac Namitha ASI2019_259 IIST, Thiruvananthapuram Initial phases of high-mass star formation: A case study of Extended Green Object, G12.42+0.50 Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
147 J Shejeelammal ASI2019_160 IIA, Bengaluru Chemical and Kinematic analysis of metal-deficient Barium stars Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
148 Jacob Joe ASI2019_562 Newman College, Thodupuzha, Kerala
149 Jadhav Vikrant ASI2019_294 IISc, Bengaluru What does ASTROSAT reveal about M67? Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
150 Jagadeesh MadhuKashyap ASI2019_307 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru Survey program to identify classical Be stars in open clusters older than 100 Myr Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
151 Jagirdar Rukmini ASI2019_354 Osmania University, Hyderabad Long term Photometric and spectroscopic study of EPIC 211778150 with interesting period and activity variations Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
152 Jaini Akhil ASI2019_646 RRI, Bengaluru
154 Jassal Harvinder ASI2019_375 IISER, Mohali Dark energy: Current status and future prospects Invited Plenary
155 Javaraiah Javaraiah ASI2019_213 Formerly Indian Institute of Astrophysics Variations in north-south asymmetry of solar maximum and minimum Poster Sun and the Solar System
156 Jayanth Narasimha ASI2019_499 Manipal Institute of Technology, MAHE, Manipal Development of a Customized Shack-Hartman Wavefront Sensor for the relative Radius of Curvature Measurement. Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
157 jobu noel ASI2019_378 Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences, MAHE Causality constraints on effective field theories with gravitational interaction Poster General Relativity and Cosmology
158 Jog Chanda ASI2019_300 IISc, Bengaluru Role of interstellar gas in supporting spiral structure in galaxies Invited Plenary
159 John Reju ASI2019_37 IUCAA, Pune Study of Energy Distribution in Evolving Dynamical States of Galaxy Clusters and Groups Oral Thesis
160 joseph prajwel ASI2019_200 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru UVIT view of Centaurus A Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
161 Joshi Yogesh ASI2019_102 ARIES, Nainital Optical characterization and Radial velocity monitoring of stellar candidates having Exoplanet or low-mass EB companion Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
162 JS Dhanya ASI2019_406 Malaviya National Institue of Technology Jaipur STUDY OF A SYSTEM OF H II REGIONS ASSOCIATED WITH N36 BUBBLE AT THE GALACTIC BAR - NORMA ARM INTERFACE Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
163 K Indulekha ASI2019_613 Mahatma Gandhi University
164 Kadam Sonali ASI2019_98 Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University Nanded
165 Kalugodu Chandrashekhar ASI2019_150 IIA, Bengaluru Study of Quasi-Periodic Pulsations in Super-flares : QPP analysis of post-flare light curves of AB-Dor Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
166 KameswaraRao Neelamraju ASI2019_608 IIA, Bengaluru
167 Kapoor Ramesh ASI2019_584 Retired
168 KarChowdhury Rudrani ASI2019_68 Presidency University, Kolkata Effect of AGN feedback on the simulated galaxy groups and clusters Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
169 Kartha Sreeja ASI2019_545 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru
170 KARTHICK CHRISPHIN ASI2019_169 Loyola College, Chennai Photometric Study of Starburst Galaxy NGC 2403 Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
171 Kasiviswanathan Sankarasubramanian ASI2019_535 UR Rao Satellite Centre
172 KATARIA SANDEEP ASI2019_222 IIA, Bengaluru A possible solution to small scale problem with Lambda CDM model; namely core-cusp problem Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
173 Kaur Karamveer ASI2019_301 RRI, Bengaluru Stalling of Globular Cluster Orbits in Dwarf Galaxies Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
174 Kayal Abhijit ASI2019_137 PRL, Ahmedabad Nature of Obscuring material around AGN using X-ray observations Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
175 Kembhavi Ajit ASI2019_651 IUCAA, Pune
176 Kemkar Madan ASI2019_627 IIA, Bengaluru
177 Kenath Arun ASI2019_34 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru Alternate to Dark Matter: MOND, MONG or MORG Oral General Relativity and Cosmology
178 Kesavan Prabhu ASI2019_129 IIA, Bengaluru H-alpha Observations of the Solar Chromosphere from Indian Astronomical Observatory, Merak Poster Sun and the Solar System
179 KG BIJU ASI2019_626 WMO Arts and Science College, Muttil
180 Khanam Tanazza ASI2019_38 IUCAA Accreting Neutron Stars As Continuous Gravitational Wave Sources Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
181 Kharb Preeti ASI2019_437 NCRA-TIFR, Pune A Multi-scale Study of Radio Outflows in Radio-Quiet AGN Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
182 Khatoon Rukaiya ASI2019_480 Tezpur University, Sonitpur The flux distribution of individual blazars as a key to understand the dynamics of particle acceleration Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
183 Komandur Rangarajan ASI2019_285 IIA, Bengaluru College level Solar Physics Experiments Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
184 Konar Sushan ASI2019_554 NCRA-TIFR, Pune
186 Kowshik KrishnaKumar ASI2019_156 Jain School of Sciences, MPBIFR A 2MASS Study of Two Embedded Open Clusters Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
187 KR VINOD ASI2019_634 RRI, Bengaluru
188 Krishna Sriram ASI2019_345 IIA, Bengaluru UV imaging of the born-again planetary nebula A30 Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
189 KRISHNAN UJJWAL ASI2019_440 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru Assessing the membership probability of moving group candidates from Gaia DR2 data Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
190 Krishnan Hariharan ASI2019_44 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Study of Fine Structures in Solar Radio Emission Oral Sun and the Solar System
191 Krishnappa Nagaraju ASI2019_513 IIA, Bengaluru
192 KS Srivani ASI2019_568 RRI, Bengaluru
193 KT VINOD ASI2019_522 University of Calicut, Thenhipalam Study of Central Intensity Ratio in Seyfert galaxies Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
194 KT PAUL ASI2019_560 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru
195 Kukreti Pranav ASI2019_241 IISER, Mohali Study of star formation in the EGS at z ~ 1 using the GMRT Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
197 Kumar Amit ASI2019_190 ARIES, Nainital Investigating the behavior of Super luminous supernovae(SLSNe-I) and their connection with long gamma ray bursts(GRBs). Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
198 Kumar Nagendra ASI2019_223 IISc, Bengaluru A continuous Jet Leptonic model for Blazar SEDs - a Monte Carlo study for cylindrical Jet Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
199 KUMAR VIPIN ASI2019_229 PRL, Ahmedabad Assembly-Integration-Testing (AIT) and Characterization of Mt. Abu Faint Object Spectrograph and Camera-Pathfinder (MFOSC-P) Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
200 Kumar Praveen ASI2019_395 RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur Gravitational model of compact spherical Reissner-Nordström-type star under f (R, T) gravity Poster General Relativity and Cosmology
201 Kumar Brijesh ASI2019_243 ARIES, Nainital Update on performance of 3.6m Devasthal Optical Telescope and prospects for science observations Oral Instrumentation and Techniques
202 Kumar Varun ASI2019_403 IIA, Bengaluru Testing the Performance of Inductive Edge Sensor Against Environmental Changes. Oral Instrumentation and Techniques
203 Kumar Ankit ASI2019_419 IIA, Bengaluru Bulge Growth of Disk Galaxy in Fly-by Interaction Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
204 Kumar Harsh ASI2019_456 IIT Bombay Growth-India: India's first robotic telescope Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
205 Kumar Brajesh ASI2019_97 IIA, Bengaluru Optical monitoring of Type IIb Supernova 2017gkk Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
206 Kumar Kiran ASI2019_598 IISER, Tirupati
207 Kumari Anshu ASI2019_272 IIA, Bengaluru Estimation of Strength of the Solar Coronal Magnetic Field using Contemporaneous Radio and Whitelight Observations Oral Sun and the Solar System
208 KUNWARRAO KHUSHBOO ASI2019_214 BITS, Pilani A Gaia DR2 Study of Selected Open Clusters Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
209 KV Govinda ASI2019_178 IIA, Bengaluru Concept design of retractable dome for the proposed 2m class National Large Solar Telescope Oral Instrumentation and Techniques
210 Kyadampure Anil ASI2019_377 SRTM University,Nanded Heating and Cooling mechanism in FR II radio galaxy 3C320 Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
211 Lal Mohan ASI2019_134 PRL, Ahmedabad Mt Abu Faint Object Spectrograph and Camera-Pathfinder(MFOSC-P) on PRL 1.2m Telescope: Opto-Mechanical and Control System Design Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
212 M Pavana ASI2019_470 IIA, Bengaluru Modelling the ejecta of Galactic Nova, ASASSN-16ma Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
213 M SREELAKSHMI ASI2019_488 University of Calicut, Thenhipalam SEARCH AND ANALYSIS OF RADIO GALAXIES IN GMRT LOW FREQUENCY RADIO SURVEY Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
214 Madhu Vishnu ASI2019_604 IIA, Bengaluru
215 Mahato Mousumi ASI2019_314 IUCAA, Pune Multifrequency radio properties of Giant radio quasars using GMRT Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
217 Majumder Anwesh ASI2019_110 Presidency University, Kolkata Physical Inference from γ-ray, X-ray and Optical/IR Time Variability of a Large Sample of Fermi Blazars Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
218 Mandal AmitKumar ASI2019_357 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru Estimation of the size and structure of the broad line region in AGN using Bayesian approach Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
219 Mathew Blesson ASI2019_454 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru
220 Maurya Jayanand ASI2019_401 ARIES, Nainital Astrometric and photometric study of open clusters NGC 381 and King 21 using ground based and archived Gaia DR2 data Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
221 Maurya Anju ASI2019_431 DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur Study of nitrile substituted PAHs in relation to mid-infrared emission bands Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
222 Mazumder Aishrila ASI2019_149 IIT, Indore Epoch of Reionisation with the Square Kilometer Array: Challenges Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
223 Meena Ashish ASI2019_71 IISER, Mohali Gravitational Lensing of Gravitational Waves Oral General Relativity and Cosmology
224 MIRANDA BRYAN ASI2019_182 Bangalore University, Bengaluru Study of UV bright stellar populations in King 2 Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
225 MISHRA SUDHEER ASI2019_188 IIT(BHU), Varanasi On the Development of MRT Unstable Plumes in An Eruptive Prominence Poster Sun and the Solar System
226 Mishra Chandra ASI2019_624 IIT Madras
227 Misra Ranjeev ASI2019_436 IUCAA, Pune AstroSat observation of Cygnus X-1: Spectro-Timing Results Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
228 Mitra Prabir ASI2019_164 PRL, Ahmedabad Evolution of solar magnetic fields and large-scale reconnection events in extremely complex solar active region NOAA 12673 Poster Sun and the Solar System
229 MK Haris ASI2019_497 ICTS-TIFR, Bengaluru Identifying strongly lensed gravitational wave signals from binary black hole mergers Oral General Relativity and Cosmology
230 MN Sundar ASI2019_180 Jain University, Bengaluru Probing the Interaction between Nearby AGN and their Host Galaxies using Multi-wavelength data Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
231 MOHANA KRISHNA ASI2019_371 MANIPAL CENTRE FOR NATURAL SCIENCES, MAHE Multiwavelength timing studies of blazar subclasses Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
232 Mohapatra Abhisek ASI2019_55 NIT, Rourkela Physical conditions in high­-z triply ionized carbon: origin and evolution Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
233 Mondal Anindita ASI2019_267 University of Calcutta Study of quiescence phase spectra of novae Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
234 MONDAL SOUMEN ASI2019_299 Jadavpur University, Kolkata On the properties of dissipative shocks in relativistic accretion flows around black holes. Oral General Relativity and Cosmology
235 Mondal Biswajit ASI2019_412 PRL, Ahmedabad Optimization and reflectivity data fitting for x-ray multilayer mirrors. Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
236 Mondal Chayan ASI2019_462 IIA, Bengaluru UVIT view of IC 2574 : Are the star formation driven by expanding and colliding shells? Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
237 Mondal Surajit ASI2019_510 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Measuring the magnetic field of CMEs using spectroscopic snapshot imaging with the MWA Poster Sun and the Solar System
238 Mookerjea Bhaswati ASI2019_280 TIFR, Mumbai Photon Dominated Regions: The secrets they reveal Invited Stars, ISM and Galaxy
239 More Anupreeta ASI2019_251 IUCAA, Pune SuGOHI: Strong lens systems from Hyper Suprime Cam-Survey Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
240 MUDAMBI SNEHA ASI2019_103 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru Broadband spectral studies of LMC X-1 using AstroSat Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
241 Mukherjee Sagnick ASI2019_66 Presidency University, Kolkata THE ACCRETION DISK-JET CONNECTION IN BLAZARS Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
242 MULAY SARGAM ASI2019_348 IUCAA, Pune Temperature structure of sigmoids Oral Sun and the Solar System
243 Muthumariappan Chinnathambi ASI2019_252 IIA, Bengaluru Photoionization models of planetary nebulae with WR-type central stars Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
244 MY ANAND ASI2019_303 Jawaharalal Nehru Planetarium, Bangalore A study of wind blown bubble around HD 148937 Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
245 N VASANTHARAJU ASI2019_48 Bangalore University, Bengaluru Temporal evolution of magnetic field parameters leading to the largest flare (X9.3) of Solar cycle 24 Poster Sun and the Solar System
246 N Sindhu ASI2019_286 IIA, Bengaluru Ultraviolet stellar population of the old open cluster M67 (NGC 2682) Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
247 Naik Suvedha ASI2019_368 Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences, MCNS, MAHE Probing primordial features using red-shifted 21 cm line Oral General Relativity and Cosmology
248 Nampoothiri Govind ASI2019_193 Space Physics Laboratory, VSSC, ISRO, Trivandrum Electron Velocity Distribution Functions in the Solar Wind at 1 AU During Solar transient events Poster Sun and the Solar System
249 NANDI SUMANA ASI2019_451 IIA, Bengaluru ULIRGs are the possible progenitors of the powerful radio galaxies Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
250 Nanjappa Nandish ASI2019_642 ARIES, Nainital
251 Narang Nancy ASI2019_40 IIA, Bengaluru High-Frequency Dynamics of an active region moss as observed by IRIS Oral Sun and the Solar System
252 Narang Mayank ASI2019_211 TIFR, Mumbai Planetary systems around evolved stars: a different planet population? Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
253 NarayanaRao UdayaShankar ASI2019_668 RRI, Bengaluru
254 Narendranath Shyama ASI2019_119 ISAC, Bengaluru FIP bias variations in solar flares using soft X ray spectroscopy Oral Sun and the Solar System
255 nayak prasanta ASI2019_304 IIA, Bengaluru UVIT-HST-GAIA study of star cluster KRON 3 in the Small Magellanic Cloud: A cluster with a large spread in metallicity Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
256 Nayak Pratheeksha ASI2019_327 PRL, Ahmedabad
257 Negi Vibhore ASI2019_400 ARIES, Nainital Data Reduction Pipeline for 4 m ILMT Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
258 Oberoi Divya ASI2019_392 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Exploring the Sun using the Murchison Widefield Array Poster Sun and the Solar System
259 Ojha Lopamudra ASI2019_355 Midnapore City College Spectral ageing study of southern hemisphere radio galaxies Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
260 Ojha Devendra ASI2019_579 TIFR, Mumbai
261 Omar Amitesh ASI2019_359 ARIES, Nainital Observations of high redshift radio galaxies with 3.6-m Devasthal Optical Telescope Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
262 OV Kiren ASI2019_64 St Josephs Indian Composite PU College, Bengalore Planet Nine: Testing ground for Dark Matter and Alternate Models Poster General Relativity and Cosmology
263 P Meenakshi ASI2019_112 IIA, Bengaluru Abundance of neutron-capture elements in extrinsic Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor stars Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
264 P Vedavathi ASI2019_244 Bangalore University, Bengaluru Emission line and continuum variability study of active galaxies for redshift 0 < z ≤1.0 Oral Thesis
265 PA KAMINI ASI2019_586 RRI, Bengaluru
266 Padalkar Bhimsen ASI2019_566 ThoughtWorks
267 Padinhatteeri Sreejith ASI2019_448 IUCAA, Pune SUIT on-board decision making algorithms. Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
268 Pai Archana ASI2019_662 IIT Bombay First Gravitational Wave transient catalog Invited General Relativity and Cosmology
269 Pal Sabyasachi ASI2019_369 Indian Centre for Space Physics, Kolkata Low frequency radio emission from extra-solar planets as seen from TIFR GMRT Sky Survey Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
270 Pal Pritha ASI2019_80 SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai
271 Paliya Vaidehi ASI2019_667 DESY, Germany
272 Panangattukara Mahesh ASI2019_641 IIA, Bengaluru
273 Panchal Alaxender ASI2019_363 ARIES, Nainital Photometric study of three short period eclipsing binaries Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
274 Pandey Ruchi ASI2019_240 SNBNCBS, Kolkata Analysis of dusty nova using photoionization code CLOUDY Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
275 Pandey Divya ASI2019_268 NIT, Rourkela Multi-wavelength analysis of void galaxies Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
276 Pandey Gajendra ASI2019_610 IIA, Bengaluru
277 Pandey Sheo ASI2019_578 Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur
278 Pant Vaibhav ASI2019_179 CmPA, KU Leuven Dynamics of coronal transients as seen from space observations Oral Thesis
279 Pant Jayshreekar ASI2019_618 ARIES, Nainital
280 Parihar Padmakar ASI2019_621 IIA, Bengaluru
281 Patel Sonal ASI2019_107 TIFR, Mumbai Expected performance parameters of the G-APD (SiPM) based imaging atmospheric Cherenkov Gamma-ray telescope Oral Instrumentation and Techniques
282 Patel Ritesh ASI2019_209 IIA, Bengaluru Automated detection of Coronal Mass Ejections in Visible Emission Line Coronagraph (VELC) on-board ADITYA-L1 Poster Sun and the Solar System
283 PATEL ANKITA ASI2019_581 PRL, Ahmedabad
284 Patil Mandar ASI2019_31 IIT Dharwad Gravitational Lensing by Binary Black Holes Poster General Relativity and Cosmology
285 Patil Madhav ASI2019_582 SRTM University,Nanded
286 Patra Subhankar ASI2019_410 IIA, Bengaluru The atmospheres of cool hydrogen-deficient carbon stars Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
287 Patra Subhradeep ASI2019_351 Midnapore City College Radio emission from brown-dwarfs Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
288 Patra Narendranath ASI2019_565 RRI, Bengaluru
289 Patti Srinath ASI2019_335 IIA, Bengaluru Hybrid Optical Correlator for Gravitational wave signal detection Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
290 Paul Surajit ASI2019_464 SP Pune University `Bullet' cluster event and its observed properties: A reality check in $\Lambda CDM$ model using cosmological simulations Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
291 Paul debdutta ASI2019_509 TIFR, Mumbai Detection and Characterisation of Cosmic Rays in AstroSat-CZT Imager data Oral Instrumentation and Techniques
292 Prabha Shanti ASI2019_265 IIA, Bengaluru Spectroscopic Imaging of Nebular Gas: Cubesat based spectrometer to explore nebular astrophysics through imaging spectroscopy Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
293 Prabhu Tushar ASI2019_543 IIA, Bengaluru
294 PRASAD RAGHU ASI2019_349 Osmania University, Hyderabad First Photometric and Spectroscopic study of a pre-contact binary TYC 809-569-1 Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
296 Pruthvi Hemanth ASI2019_471 IIA, Bengaluru Solar Scanning Polarimeter at Kodaikanal Tower-tunnel Telescope for Ca II 854.2 nm line Oral Instrumentation and Techniques
297 Puravankara Manoj ASI2019_305 TIFR, Mumbai Demographics of exoplanetary systems: A tale of three different planet populations Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
298 PZ SAFNA ASI2019_158 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru Multi-wavelength variability characteristics of Fermi blazars . Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
299 Rahaman Majidul ASI2019_167 IIT, Indore Lessons from High Fidelity X-ray Temperature Maps of sample of HIFLUGCS galaxy clusters Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
300 Raja Ramij ASI2019_86 IIT, Indore Hunting for diffuse radio emission in high redshift Sunyaev--Zel'dovich-selected clusters of galaxies Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
301 Rajaguru Paul ASI2019_442 IIA, Bengaluru Meridional circulation in the solar convection zone: current consensus from helioseismology Invited Sun and the Solar System
302 RAJAN JACOB ASI2019_629 RRI, Bengaluru
303 Rajput Bhoomika ASI2019_257 IIA, Bengaluru Gamma-ray flux variability and spectral characteristics of Fermi blazars Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
304 Rajvanshi Manvendra ASI2019_330 IISER, Mohali Comparative study of nonlinear spherical perturbations in quintessence vs tachyon field dark energy models. Poster General Relativity and Cosmology
305 Raman Gayathri ASI2019_358 ICTS-TIFR, Bengaluru Are kilonovae standardizable candles? Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
306 Raman Venkata ASI2019_338 Space Physics Laboratory Investigation of the solar wind and its interaction with Martian atmosphere using MAVEN Poster Sun and the Solar System
307 Ramani Pooja ASI2019_162 IIA, Bengaluru Solar seeing in the incursion site of Pangong Lake in Merak Poster Sun and the Solar System
308 Ramaprakash Anamparambu ASI2019_630 IUCAA, Pune
309 Rana Vikram ASI2019_544 RRI, Bengaluru
310 Rao Yamini ASI2019_187 IIT(BHU), Varanasi Characterization of cool loop systems using multiple datasets as observed by Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) Oral Sun and the Solar System
311 RAO RAGHAVENDRA ASI2019_622 RRI, Bengaluru
312 Rastogi Shantanu ASI2019_67 DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur Interstellar molecules in understanding astrophysical environments Invited Stars, ISM and Galaxy
313 Raychaudhuri Sananda ASI2019_394 Bose Institute, Kolkata Simulation of radiation driven winds from Keplerian disk Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
314 Rebecca Louise ASI2019_35 Christ Junior College Dark matter density distributions and dark energy constraints on structure formation Poster General Relativity and Cosmology
315 reddy sreekanth ASI2019_172 IIA, Bengaluru Development and on-sky performance analysis of tip-tilt adaptive optics system Oral Instrumentation and Techniques
316 Reddy Krishna ASI2019_425 ARIES, Nainital Different observing modes in faint object spectrograph and camera on 3.6-m Devasthal optical telescope Oral Instrumentation and Techniques
317 reddy eswar ASI2019_577 IIA, Bengaluru
318 Rengaswamy Sridharan ASI2019_49 IIA, Bengaluru Diffraction limited imaging with the Multi Application Solar Telescope (MAST) Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
319 Roy Arun ASI2019_328 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru Gaia view of Herbig Ae/Be Stars: Estimating the stellar parameters from Gaia DR2 data Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
320 Roy Jayashree ASI2019_302 IUCAA, Pune Timing and Spectral Study of IGR J19294+1816 with RXTE: Discovery of Cyclotron Feature Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
321 Roy Rupak ASI2019_288 IUCAA, Pune Bumps in the lightcurves of Superluminous Supernovae Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
323 S Rathnakumar ASI2019_478 ARIES, Nainital Testing simple analytical approaches to model lensed quasars through TDLMC Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
324 S Seetha ASI2019_602 ISAC, Bengaluru
325 Safonova Margarita ASI2019_633 IIA, Bengaluru
326 Sagar Ram ASI2019_635 IIA, Bengaluru
327 Saha Preetha ASI2019_261 IIT, Kharagpur On estimating the atomic hydrogen column density from the H\,{\sc i} $21$ cm emission spectra Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
328 Saha Debasish ASI2019_353 Midnapore City College Study of Galactic micro-quasars with Astrosat Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
329 saha kanak ASI2019_455 IUCAA, Pune
330 Sahoo Abinash ASI2019_339 NIT, Rourkela Modelling interstellar radiation field in UV Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
331 Sahu Suraj ASI2019_474 PRL, Ahmedabad Thermal & non-thermal processes caused by large-scale restructuring of coronal magnetic fields driven by the flux rope eruption Poster Sun and the Solar System
332 Sahu Devendra ASI2019_607 IIA, Bengaluru
333 Saify Hamza ASI2019_644 Vishwakarma Institute of Technology
334 SAIKIA GAUTAM ASI2019_468 Tezpur University, Sonitpur Probing the PAH abundance in the Small Magellanic Cloud Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
335 Saikia Dhruba ASI2019_639 IUCAA, Pune
336 Salunkhe Sameer ASI2019_344 S P Pune University, Pune Low-frequency radio study of MACS clusters using the GMRT at 610 and 235 MHz Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
337 Saraogi Divita ASI2019_466 IIT BOMBAY All sky instruments for high energy transients Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
338 sarkar suchira ASI2019_17 IISc, Bengaluru Vertical distribution of stars and flaring in the Milky Way Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
339 SARKAR DEEPANGKAR ASI2019_151 IIA, Bengaluru Measurement of Meteorological Parameters for the National Large Solar Telescope at the Pongong Lake Site Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
340 Sarkar Anjan ASI2019_658 RRI, Bengaluru
341 Sarkar Aveek ASI2019_665 PRL, Ahmedabad
342 Sasikumar Silpa ASI2019_332 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Kinematics and dynamics of dwarf galaxies Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
343 Sasmal Tapan ASI2019_334 Jadavpur University Discovery of three new cluster of galaxies by using Head Tailed Radio Sources as tracer Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
344 Saxena Bhupesh ASI2019_495 M P Council of Science and Technology A Performance Evaluation of 0.5m optical telescope of Varahmihir Astronomical Observatory, Ujjain. Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
345 Sebastian Biny ASI2019_234 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Understanding Outflows in LLAGN through Polarimetry Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
346 SELVARAJ AISHWARYA ASI2019_53 IIA, Bengaluru Development of camera control software for high speed acquisition. Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
347 Sengupta Soumya ASI2019_228 IIA, Bengaluru Model transmission and Reflected Spectra of Exoplanets Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
348 Sethuram Ramya ASI2019_116 IIA, Bengaluru
349 SG Bubbly ASI2019_638 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru
350 Sharma Ranbir ASI2019_96 IISER, Mohali Dark energy equation of state reconstruction by Principal Component Analysis Oral General Relativity and Cosmology
351 SHARMA EKTA ASI2019_422 IIA, Bengaluru Molecular filament formation and filament-hub interaction: LDN 1172/1174 dark nebula Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
352 sharma aishawnnya ASI2019_191 IUCAA and Tezpur University A study on the thermal nature and non-thermal velocity of active region fan loops Poster Sun and the Solar System
353 Shastri Prajval ASI2019_661 IIA retd
354 Shende Krishna ASI2019_414 NCRA-TIFR, Pune A Mini-Halo in a Massive Galaxy Cluster in the Southern Sky Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
355 Shukla Amit ASI2019_491 University of Wuerzburg Implications of observed short-timescale gamma-ray variabilities on blazars jets Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
356 Shylaja BS ASI2019_287 Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bangalore Records of Supernovae in Stone Inscriptions Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
357 Singam Panini ASI2019_146 IIA, Bengaluru A quiet sun imager : Design and science prospects Poster Sun and the Solar System
358 Singh Kaushal ASI2019_50 Marwadi University, Rajkot , Gujarat The Dark (Matter and Energy) Poster Sun and the Solar System
359 SINGH VIVEK ASI2019_253 SHUATS, PRAYAGRAJ, UP Study of Coronal Rotation using Radio Flux data (2695 MHz) Poster Sun and the Solar System
360 Singh Swapnil ASI2019_326 IIST, Thiruvananthapuram Low-frequency GMRT observations of Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
361 Singh Avinash ASI2019_313 IISER, Mohali Growth of Structure in the Presence of Perturbed Tachyon Dark Energy Oral General Relativity and Cosmology
362 Singh Ankit ASI2019_465 IISER, Mohali Study of filament galaxies in EAGLE simulation Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
363 singh raghubar ASI2019_477 IIA, Bengaluru Spectroscopic and asteroseismic study of Li-rich giants Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
364 Singh Avinash ASI2019_487 IIA, Bengaluru SN 2016gfy: A slow-declining, luminous type II-P SN Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
365 Singh Tanuja ASI2019_201 Banaras Hindu University Astrophysical PAHs: vibrational spectra Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
366 Singh Harinder ASI2019_553 University of Delhi, Delhi
367 Singi Madhavi ASI2019_585 RRI, Bengaluru
368 Sinha Mohit ASI2019_612 RRI, Bengaluru
369 SNair Jyothy ASI2019_14 Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Diffuse UV Background From The Southern Low Galactic Latitudes Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
370 Solanki Ritika ASI2019_186 IIT(BHU), Varanasi Partial Eruption of a Quiet-Sun Blowout Jet due to the Kink Instability Poster Sun and the Solar System
371 SowMondal Shanwlee ASI2019_325 PRL, Ahmedabad Understanding the solar spicules through numerical simulation Oral Sun and the Solar System
372 Srianand Raghunathan ASI2019_616 IUCAA, Pune
373 Sridhar Seshadri ASI2019_574 RRI, Bengaluru Stalling of Globular Cluster Orbits in Dwarf Galaxies Invited Plenary
374 Sriram Sriram ASI2019_663 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru
375 Srivastava Mudit ASI2019_225 PRL, Ahmedabad The Development of Mt. Abu Faint Object Spectrograph and Camera - Pathfinder (MFOSC-P) for PRL 1.2m Mt. Abu Telescope Oral Instrumentation and Techniques
376 Srivastava AK ASI2019_507 IIT(BHU), Varanasi On the New Heating Candidates for the Atmosphere of The Magnetic Sun Poster Sun and the Solar System
377 SubbannaMS Akshaya ASI2019_176 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru COMPONENTS OF THE DIFFUSE ULTRAVIOLET BACKGROUND RADIATION Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
378 Subramaniam Annapurni ASI2019_592 IIA, Bengaluru
379 Subramanian Smitha ASI2019_127 IIA, Bengaluru Tracing the connection between compact spheroids in early Universe with the local Universe massive bulges Invited Extragalactic Astronomy
380 Surana Shraddha ASI2019_619 ThoughtWorks
381 Susobhanan Abhimanyu ASI2019_199 TIFR, Mumbai The Indian Pulsar Timing Array Experiment Oral General Relativity and Cosmology
382 Sutaria Firoza ASI2019_485 IIA, Bengaluru Studying shock dynamics in the Cygnus SNR with Astrosat/UVIT. Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
383 Thampan Arun ASI2019_536 St Josephs College Autonomous
384 Thiagaraj Prabu ASI2019_580 RRI, Bengaluru
385 Thirupathi Sivarani ASI2019_620 IIA, Bengaluru
386 Thomas Neal ASI2019_237 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru Comprehensive spectral and temporal variability studies of Scorpius X-1 using RXTE data Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
387 Tiwari Neeraj ASI2019_404 PRL, Ahmedabad Design and development of Supra-thermal & Energetic Particle Spectrometer (STEPS), subsystem of ASPEX, onboard Aditya-L1 mission Poster Sun and the Solar System
388 Tolamatti Anilkumar ASI2019_341 BARC, Mumbai Multiwaveband Analysis of the flat spectrum radio quasar 3C 279 Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
389 Tribedi Ashmita ASI2019_526 MEdu, IGNOU, Kolkata
390 Tripathi Durgesh ASI2019_649 IUCAA, Pune
391 TS Kumar ASI2019_306 ARIES, Nainital Development of a generic instrument controller for the 3.6 m DOT facility at ARIES Poster Instrumentation and Techniques
392 U Aneesha ASI2019_260 IIST, Thiruvananthapuram Study of long term evolution of accretion dynamics of GX 339-4 Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
393 Udayashankar Paniveni ASI2019_175 IUCAA, Pune Latitudinal dependence of supergranular Area and Fractal dimension Poster Sun and the Solar System
394 unni athira ASI2019_76 IIA, Bengaluru Precision chemical abundances of exoplanet host stars Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
395 Uttarkar Pavan ASI2019_648 Siddaganga Institute of Technology
396 V Jithesh ASI2019_390 IUCAA, Pune Long-term X-ray spectral variability of the ultra-luminous X-ray source M81 X-6 Oral Extragalactic Astronomy
397 Vaidya Kaushar ASI2019_433 BITS, Pilani
398 Valsan Vineeth ASI2019_591 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru
399 Varghese Ashlin ASI2019_342 PRL, Ahmedabad Jets and outflows of the W51 complex as revealed by the UWISH2 survey Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
400 Varshney HariMohan ASI2019_131 IIA, Bengaluru
401 Vats Akant ASI2019_340 Banaras Hindu University,Varansi Theoretical vibrational study of Nitrogenated PAHs: Astrophysical implications Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
402 Viswanath Gayathri ASI2019_275 Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru Star-Planet Interactions: a study in UV using GALEX and GAIA Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy
403 Viswanathan Akshara ASI2019_72 Anna University Quantification of the merger fraction in local AGN hosts Poster Stars, ISM and Galaxy
404 VS Veena ASI2019_154 IIST, Thiruvananthapuram IRDCs to Star Clusters: In Depth Study of Structure, Evolution and Kinematics of Few Southern Massive Star Forming Regions Oral Thesis
405 Warang Kasturi ASI2019_247 TIFR, Mumbai Timing and Spectral Analysis of GX 13+1 using SXT/AstroSat and LAXPC/AstroSat Poster Extragalactic Astronomy
406 Yadav Kuldeep ASI2019_429 BARC, Mumbai Status update of MACE gamma-ray telescope Oral Instrumentation and Techniques
407 yadava shobhit ASI2019_318 ARIES, Nainital
408 Yerra BharatKumar ASI2019_407 National Astronomical Observatories of China Identifying Li-rich giants from LAMOST low resolution spectra using machine learning Oral Stars, ISM and Galaxy