Guidelines for Participants

Participants Guidelines

Some information for what to expect in the 39th ASI meeting, the first one to be conducted on a virtual platform.

All of the oral sessions of the meeting will be held on the Zoom platform. To facilitate interaction with the presenters beyond the Q&A at the end of the talks, we will be making use of the Slack platform, following a model which has been successfully employed by many recent online meetings. You will receive an email invitation (on the email id with which you have registered in the ASI Meeting) from ‘ASI_2021’ group in Slack for joining this group. Please join the group with your full name as used for the registration for the ASI Meeting. On Slack you will find channels corresponding to the Plenary sessions (including the award lectures and thesis presentations) and each of the five science areas. Please address your questions/ queries or comments to the appropriate person in the appropriate channel. The presenters are requested to reply to the queries posted for them. You might find it useful to set up email notification within the Slack channel, so that you get notified if someone posts a message addressed to you.

The links to the appropriate sessions will be available on the meeting website once you login. We plan to employ two modes of poster presentations:

1. On the ASI Website: All poster presenters are expected to upload their posters (in PDF format, size less than 10 MB) and a short audio narration explaining the poster (MP3 format, size less than 5 MB). There will be a form available for the poster presenters to upload both these files together. The poster presenters will be notified when the form will be open on the website for uploading the poster. These will be grouped according to the abstract categories and available for viewing to all registered participants after login. Please make sure that you upload your poster on the ASI website. These posters will continue to remain available on the ASI website for some duration after the meeting.

2. On the Slack channel - Along the same lines as for oral presentations, Slack platform will be used to facilitate interaction between the participants and the poster presenters. The poster presenters have been requested to post their posters on the corresponding Slack channel along with a short text description. If they wish they can add a short audio/video description as well. The poster presenters have been requested to remain online during the dedicated poster viewing sessions included in the ASI meeting program and respond to the questions and queries posted.

Please note that these posts will remain available beyond the time limit of the meeting and the interaction with the poster presenters is not limited to the dedicated poster sessions. The participants are encouraged to interact with the poster presenters outside of these dedicated time slots. In addition to the channels dedicated to discussions of posters, channels have also been created for discussions related to the Public Education and Outreach Committee (POEC) and the Working Group on Gender Equity (WGGE) sessions. Please feel free to make use of them to communicate with the presenters and organisers of these sessions.