Affiliation: Unive rsity of Calicut
Conference ID : ASI2022_153
Title : The relation between particle dynamics of AGN jet and X-ray spectral curvature
Authors : Habeeb Rahman K. K, Sunder Sahayanathan & C. D. Ravikumar
Abstract Type: Oral
Abstract Category : Extragalactic Astronomy
Abstract : MKN 421 and MKN 501 are highly variable BL Lac-type objects. Their spectral energy distribution (SED) is characterized by a double hump shape having two peaks. The low energy component peaking atUV/X-ray Energy range. The X-ray spectra of MKN 421 and MKN 501 show significant curvature. X-ray spectral curvature of the source can plausibly highlight the turbulent behavior of the blazar jet. There are simple mathematical functions and physical models to interpret the curvature. One of them is the Energy-dependent diffusion (EDD) model is given in Goswami et al. (2020). The method used to connect between X-ray spectral curvature and turbulent behavior of the blazar jet is incomplete since the energy dependence is considered only in the case of the escape time scale. We are modifying the model by considering energy dependence in acceleration and scape time scales. The broadband X-ray spectral curvature can be explained by the Modified energy-dependent diffusion model (EDD). The functional form of the EDD model did not change with the addition of the energy-dependent acceleration term. However, we noted this addition can overcome the unphysical conditions of the earlier EDD model where the best-fit parameters suggest the diffusion beyond Bohm diffusion. The modified EDD model is being tested on MKN 421 and MKN 501 to understand the diffusive properties of the blazar jet.