Name: Meenu .
Affiliation: Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology
Conference ID : ASI2022_197
Title : The effect of Ram pressure striping on a spiral galaxy's morphology.
Authors : Meenu, Mamta Gulati (, )
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Extragalactic Astronomy
Abstract : Galaxies living in rich environments are suffering different environmental effects which drastically change their evolution. Several mechanisms have been postulated as possible explanations for galaxy shape changes in dense environments. Ram-pressure stripping has been a long-standing possibility, dating from the analytic work of Gunn & Gott (1972). A spiral galaxy when passes near the core of the cluster medium it will lose its gas. We use an analytical expression to study ram pressure stripping of gas from spiral galaxies. Spiral galaxies contain magnetic fields as one of its intrinsic parts, which is embedded with spiral arms. It will behave like a restoring force for the gas in them against the ram pressure. We are calculating what is the effect of ram pressure for galaxies including the galactic magnetic field. We find that the analytical expression given by Gunn & Gott, which relates the ram pressure force to the gravitational restoring force provided by the galactic disc. This gives a good approximation for the gas stripped galaxies. The model is used to predict the range of H1 gas fractions of a galaxy of mass M orbiting in a cluster mass.