Name: Pradeep Sandimani
Affiliation: Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Conference ID : ASI2022_240
Title : Upgradation of Telecommand and Telemetry interfaces for TIFR balloon-borne experiment for far-infrared (FIR) observations of SFR
Authors : Pradeep R Sandimani
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Instrumentation and Techniques
Abstract : TIFR 100 cm (T100) balloon borne telescope is used for the FIR observation with the Japanese Fabry Perot Spectrometer (FPS) as a focal plane instrument. FPS is tuned to the [CII] line at ~158 micron to study Galactic star forming regions. T100 along with FPS is being flown regularly from TIFR Balloon Facility, Hyderabad. FPS is operated in two primary modes called as chopped and unchopped modes. In the chopped mode, secondary mirror of the T100 telescope wobbles at 10 Hz in two different positions so as to subtract the background emission and to get meaningful results. In the unchopped mode, background subtraction is done separately. Existing ground based T100 sub-systems of the telemetry and telecommand have been upgraded, as existing hardware are quite old and needed modifications. We designed and developed few microcontroller based encoders which can be interfaced with the windows OS. We developed a software in LabVIEW to receive the telemetry data over the Ethernet (as UDP packets) and plot them as per our requirements. We also developed an onboard telemetry data storage module using the single board computer. We have made a provision for an offline telemetry data analysis in the LabVIEW on a standalone PC. The present single pixel FPS focal plane instrument is being upgraded to 5x5 pixels detector array, which would improve resolution of the image from 90” to 17’’, and the spectral resolution from ~1800 to ~10000. This needs change in the Telemetry data rate, frame formats, command rate, command format, data analysis software, etc. Prototypes of the new telecommand interface and onboard telemetry data storage have been developed. Design of the new telemetry interface is at an advance stage. We are also developing a Quick Look Display for the new telemetry data format.