Name: Avinash Kumar Paladi
Affiliation: Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram
Conference ID : ASI2022_256
Title : Bayesian Analysis of OJ287 Radio Lightcurve
Authors : Avinash Kumar Paladi
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Extragalactic Astronomy
Abstract : The bright blazar OJ 287 is the best-known candidate for hosting a nanohertz gravitational wave (GW) emitting supermassive black hole (SMBH) binary in our universe. This is mainly due to a number of successful observational campaigns that monitored certain optical flares, predicted from our SMBH binary central engine description for OJ 287. In this effort, we explore the possibility of explaining the observed OJ 287 light curves in three distinct radio frequencies with the help of our SMBH central engine model in a Bayesian framework.