Affiliation: IISc Bengaluru
Conference ID : ASI2022_290
Title : Primordial black holes and induced GWs from inflation and the imprints of reheating
Authors : Nilanjandev Bhaumik and Rajeev Kumar Jain
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : General Relativity and Cosmology
Abstract : We study the formation of primordial black holes (PBH) and the induced stochastic gravitational wave background (ISGWB) due to the amplified curvature perturbations in a single field inflection point model of inflation. We find that the PBHs produced in our scenario can constitute the entire dark matter in the allowed mass windows and the resulting ISGWB can fall within the projected sensitivity of various upcoming GW observatories. We have further studied the effects of a matter-dominated reheating phase before the standard radiation dominated phase(RD) phase. Other than the expected shift in co-moving scales and ISGWB peak-frequency and PBH mass range, we also found a new resonant amplification of induced GW background at very high frequency, arising solely due to the presence of the early Matter dominated (eMD) phase with an instantaneous transition to RD.With the advances in high-frequency GW detection techniques , this second peak can offer us a unique opportunity to check the consistency and viability of such PBH formation models.