Name: Ankur Ghosh
Affiliation: SRF,ARIES
Conference ID : ASI2022_302
Title : On the multi wavelength nature of GRB 200524A : from prompt emission to afterglow
Authors : Ankur Ghosh, Dimple, Kuntal Misra et al. on behalf of a larger collaboration
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Extragalactic Astronomy
Abstract : We present a detailed multi-wavelength analysis of GRB 200524A which is one of the brightest GRB detected by \textit{Fermi} Gamma Ray Burst Monitor (GBM). An in-depth study of this GRB in the prompt and afterglow phase reveals several interesting features. No significant spectral lag in the prompt phase was found mainly due to the presence of multiple overlapping pulse structure. The time resolved spectra is best fit with the band function. The peak energy in the prompt phase tracks the flux pattern. The multi-wavelength afterglow evolution is best described by a forward-reverse shock model. A bright reverse shock emission component is seen in the optical bands at very early times. At a redshift of z $\sim$ 1.256, GRB 200524A is one of the energetic burst ($E_{iso}$ = $3\times 10^{53}$ erg) which occurred in a medium with a very low ambient density ($3.5\times10^{-3} cm^{-3}$) which is typically unusual for a long GRB.