Name: Jyoti Sheoran
Affiliation: Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences, Nainital
Conference ID : ASI2022_317
Title : Thermodynamics of Coronal Mass Ejections in the inner corona
Authors : Jyoti, Vaibhav Pant, Ritesh Patel, Dipankar Banerjee
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Sun and the Solar System
Abstract : The evolution of thermodynamic properties of Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) in the inner corona is not well understood primarily due to the lack of spectroscopic capability in the coronagraphic data. The main results from studies based on UVCS/ SOHO spectroscopic data show CME temperatures ranging from 10^4.5 – 10^5.5 K and electron density of the order of 10^6 – 10^7 cm-3. We use spectroscopic data of a CME observed by the Coronal Multichannel Polarimeter (CoMP) on 2017 July 20. The core of this CME was visible in Fe XIII 1074.7 nm spectral channel of CoMP from 16:57:07 UT to 18:29:16 UT. We estimate the ranges of temperature and density of the CME core. Based on the Fe XIII line width and taking into account the contribution of Fe XIII thermal line width and instrumental filter line width in the total line width, the effective temperature of the CME core is of the order of million kelvin. The million-kelvin temperature indicates that the core of this CME could not be a prominence material. Prominence material is expected to be much cooler (temperature of the order of thousands kelvin). For density diagnostic, we have used Fe XIII 1074.7 nm & 1079.8 nm spectral data & the CHIANTI v. 9.0 database. We will present the preliminary results of temperature & density diagnostics, and their evolution in the inner corona.