Affiliation: St. Joseph's College (Autonomous), Bangalore
Conference ID : ASI2022_334
Title : Design And Development of Single-Channel Warping Harness Controller for TMT SSA
Authors : Author: Mr. Amoghavarsha N Co-Author: Dr. Prasanna Deshmukh, Mr. Karthic Kumar, Mr. Kambhala Sudharsan, Mr. Jeevan Vedamurthy
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Instrumentation and Techniques
Abstract : This paper presents the Single Channel Warping Harness Controller developed for Thirty Meter Telescope’s Segment Support Assembly (TMT SSA). Leaf Springs and Linear Actuators are the essential parts of TMT SSA Warping Harness to support and modify the shape of the mirror segments during operation. In each of the TMT SSA, there are 21 leaf spring channels and 21 linear Actuators as part of the Warping harness. So there are in total 10332 (492 segments x21) warping Harness mechanisms in TMT. One TMT SSA assembly consists of around 500 individual components including 21 nos. of leaf spring channels and linear actuators. Ensuring the health and functionality of these leaf springs and actuators is very essential before and after the SSA assembly. To serve this purpose we have developed a Single Channel Warping Harness Controller which is capable of reading leaf spring output and driving the linear actuator. This controller can also be used for leaf spring calibration (µStrain/N) for which an additional feature of load cell reading is included. Additional features of measuring ambient temperature and humidity are also provided with this controller. The hardware and firmware of this Single-Channel Warping Harness Controller is designed, developed, tested, and installed at India-TMT AIT Lab, Bengaluru.