Name: Aishee Chakraborty
Affiliation: Harishchandra Research Institute (HRI)
Conference ID : ASI2022_344
Title : A Complete Analytical Study of Multicritical Behaviour of Accretion Flow onto Schwarzschild Black hole
Authors : Aishee Chakraborty, Arpan Krishna Mitra, Pratik Tarafdar, Tapas Kumar Das
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : General Relativity and Cosmology
Abstract : In our project, we have exploited the theory of algebraic polynomials to study the transonic properties of general relativistic hydrodynamic axisymmetric accretion onto non-rotating astrophysical black holes completely analytically. We have considered isothermal and polytropic accretion in all relevant geometric configurations in this context. For such accretion phenomena, the conserved specific energy of the flow which is one of the two first integrals of motion (polytropic accretion), or the temperature which remains unchanged (isothermal accretion) in the aforementioned system, can be expressed as a polynomial of the critical point of the flow configuration. We then construct the corresponding Sturm’s chain algorithm to calculate the number of real roots lying within the astrophysically relevant domain. This allows us to analytically find out the maximum number of physically acceptable solutions an accretion flow with certain geometric configuration, space-time metric, and equation of state can have. Thus, we can investigate multi-critical properties for accretion flow in which the location of the critical points can not be computed without taking recourse to the numerical scheme.