Name: Atul Pathania
Affiliation: Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai
Conference ID : ASI2022_369
Title : Prospects of observing gamma-ray pulsars using the MACE telescope
Authors : A Pathania, K K Singh, B B Singh, A Tolamatti, K K Yadav
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Stars, ISM and Galaxy
Abstract : The MACE (Major Atmospheric Cherenkov Experiment) telescope has recently been commissioned at Hanle in the UT of Ladakh to explore the gamma-ray sky in the energy range 20 GeV – 5 TeV. A large light collection area and high altitude position provide an excellent sensitivity of the telescope at sub-GeV energies, which makes MACE an ideal instrument to study the gamma-ray emission from pulsars. In this work, we present results from a feasibility study of pulsar candidates from the Fourth Fermi catalogue of gamma-ray sources (4FGL) in view of the MACE observations. We use the average spectral measurements from the ten years of the Fermi-LAT (Large Area Telescope) observations to estimate the gamma-ray spectra of selected pulsars in the MACE energy range. Using the simulated sensitivity of the telescope and integral fluxes expected from the Fermi-LAT measurements, we estimate the time duration required for MACE to detect the gamma-ray emission from potential pulsar candidates at the 5σ statistical significance level. Along with the pulsar catalogue for the MACE telescope, implications of their detection in understanding the physical processes involved in the high energy gamma-ray emission from these sources is also discussed.