Name: Ritish Kumar
Affiliation: Central University of Himachal Pradesh
Conference ID : ASI2022_435
Title : Does weak emission line quasars belongs to the early phase of the quasars.
Authors : Ritish Kumar Hum Chand
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Extragalactic Astronomy
Abstract : Newly discovered radio-quest Weak Emission line quasars  (WLQs) can either be radio-quiet counterparts of BL-lac objects or they may be the early evolutionary phase of the quasars. The later scenario, where the cause of weak emission could be less developed Broad-Line-Region (BLR), predicts that dusty torus of WLQs will also be under-developed. As a result of this, one would expect a decrease in the mid-IR (infrared) emission of WLQs in comparison to the normal QSOs. To confirm or refute this among various possibilities, we have carried out a Spectral Energy Distribution (SED) of WLQs and compared it with the controlled sample of the normal QSOs,  matched in optical magnitude (r-band) and emission redshift. Based on a detailed study using a large sample of 69 WLQs, our analysis shows that the average  mid-IR emission in WLQs is about 37 percent lower than the corresponding control sample of normal QSOs, supporting the evolutionary  scenario as the cause of weak emission lines in WLQs