Name: Shantanu Desai
Affiliation: IIT Hyderabad
Conference ID : ASI2022_470
Title : A test of spatial coincidence between CHIME FRBs and IceCube TeV energy neutrinos
Authors : Shantanu Desai
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Extragalactic Astronomy
Abstract : In a recent preprint (which subsequently was retracted) Luo and Zhang had asserted that there is a statistically significant angular correlation between IceCube neutrinos (in the energy range of 0.1-3 TeV) and FRBs detected by the CHIME telescope, with 21σ significance. We independently verify this claim by counting the total number of neutrino-FRB pairs with angular separations of <3 degrees, as well as within the observed neutrino error circle, which correspond to the total signal events. This number is then compared to the background, which was obtained by counting the number of coincidences in off-source angular windows with the same solid angle as the signal window. We do not find any statistically significant excess compared to the background, implying that there is no evidence for an angular correlation between the IceCube neutrinos in the TeV energy range and CHIME FRBs. Although the original result (from Luo and Zhang) which motivated this work has been retracted, the techniques used in this work are applicable to astrophysical neutrino searches from any persistent source of neutrinos.