Name: Bhaskar Goswami
Affiliation: Department of Physics, Assam University, Silchar
Conference ID : ASI2022_496
Title : Modeling polarization properties of spheroidal particles: Correlation between polarization maximum and minimum
Authors : Bhaskar Goswami1*, Himadri Sekhar Das1 1Dept. of Physics, Assam University, Silchar, 788001 *
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Stars, ISM and Galaxy
Abstract : Cosmic dust is found in a wide variety of astrophysical regions, in different shapes (e.g. - circular, spheroidal, aggregates etc.) and sizes (e.g. – few molecules to micron-sized) in scattered conditions throughout the observable universe. The study of light scattering properties of cosmic dust can provide useful information about the physical properties of dust. In this work, we study the polarization properties of spheroidal particles using the T-matrix code which is a very efficient light scattering code. Polarization depends on the composition, wavelength, shape and size of the dust particles including the axial ratio of the spheroidal particles. Computations are performed to see whether polarization maximum and polarization minimum are correlated or not. The study shows a good correlation between them for all the said parameters under a specific range. The results obtained from the numerical simulations are compared with the experimental data collected from the Amsterdam-Granada Light Scattering Database. A set of conclusions based on our work will be presented.