Name: subhabrata majumdar
Affiliation: TIFR
Conference ID : ASI2022_51
Title : Non-thermal SZ - Cosmology and Astrophysics with a new kind of secondary CMB anisotropy
Authors : Sandeep Acharya Biman B. Nath
Abstract Type: Oral
Abstract Category : General Relativity and Cosmology
Abstract : We discuss a novel distortion of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) by cocoons/lobes of radio galaxies. Unlike other thermal and kinematic secondary CMB anisotropies, the new distortions are due to the non-thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich (SZ) effect, and hence unique. These can be used to probe cosmology, AGN-halo connections, and radio-galaxy physics. We discuss both mean and RMS fluctuations from a cosmic distribution of radio galaxies, as well as targetted non-thermal SZ observations. As a by-product, we propose a new cosmological "ruler" to measure the value of the Hubble constant devoid of distance-ladder calibrations.