Name: nobleson k
Affiliation: Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani Hyderabad Campus
Conference ID : ASI2022_520
Title : Tidal deformability of neutron stars with exotic particles within a density dependent relativistic mean field model in R2 gravit
Authors : Nobleson K Tuhin Malik, Sarmistha Banik
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : General Relativity and Cosmology
Abstract : There is a growing interest in investigating modified theories of gravity, primarily, with the aim of explaining the universe’s accelerated expansion, which has been confirmed by several independent observations. Compact objects, like neutron stars, exhibit strong gravity effects and therefore are used to study modified gravity theories. We use the f (R) = R + aR^2 model, where R is the Ricci scalar and ‘a’ is a free parameter. This model has been studied both perturbatively and non-perturbatively. However, it was found that perturbative methods results in nonphysical solutions for the neutron stars. In this study, we examine neutron star properties, such as mass, radius, tidal deformability in non-perturbative f (R) gravity model with density dependent relativistic equation of state with different particle compositions. The strange particles in the core of NS in the form of Λ hyperons, K − condensate, and quarks are considered. We have observed that while the mass-radius relation allows for a wide range of parameter ‘a’, when tidal deformability is considered, the parameter 'a' is constrained down by one order.