Name: Mamatha Rani Gaddam
Affiliation: PhD scholar
Conference ID : ASI2022_526
Title : Photometric Examination Of EV Cnc in M67 Open Cluster
Authors : Mamatha Rani, G. and Sriram, K.
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Stars, ISM and Galaxy
Abstract : Based on data from the Kepler and JCBT 1.3m telescopes, we performed a photometric investigation of EV Cnc in the M67 open cluster. EV Cnc was also observed by the Kepler K2 mission in Campaign 5. The light curve of EV Cnc is quite different from those of normal contact or near-contact systems. Therefore, different possibilities were taken into consideration to model the light curve. The minima are quite different, which may be an indication of a semi-detached configuration rather than a contact one. The O'Connell effect is an asymmetry in the light curve of EV Cnc at the maxima, which we see. The light curves of EV Cnc show asymmetry in their maxima. We obtained the smallest sigma value at q = 0.5. The value of q was chosen as an adjustable parameter to perform the final solution. The solution indicates a hot spot located on the surface of the star an impact region of flowing material from the secondary star that faces the cooler component. We also studied the period change in the binary system in order to constrain the mass accretion rate and angular momentum transfer. The results are briefly discussed.