Name: SD Gouse
Affiliation: Osmania University
Conference ID : ASI2022_556
Title : A study of Sudden QPO transitions in a BH source GX 339-4
Authors : SD Gouse and K. Sriram
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Stars, ISM and Galaxy
Abstract : Rapid transitions associated with type-B QPO are rare and considered to be important to understand the accretion ejection phenomenon in the inner region of the accretion disk. We studied such events in a black hole source GX 339-4 using RXTE archival data. We performed the power density spectrum over a series of data and found four such occasions where type-B QPOs are varied to type-C or type-A QPOs or disappeared. We performed detailed spectral studies and found that the power-law index varied. Sometimes, it was noticed that inner accretion disk temperature also varied along with soft and hard flux. Based on timing and spectral variations during these events, we suggest that some portion of the accretion disk is ejected. More plausible models were also explored to explain the observed variations assuming a jet along with the corona.