Conference ID : ASI2022_568
Title : Imprints of spin on the solution and emission spectrum of accretion flows around black holes
Authors : Sanjit Debnath , Shilpa Sarkar and Indranil Chattopadhaya
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Extragalactic Astronomy
Abstract : We investigate accretion flows around rotating black holes (Bhs) and obtain self-consistent transonic solutions in full general relativistic prescription. The flow is assumed to be viscous and radiative. Viscosity helps in the removal of angular momentum outwards, allowing matter to get acrreted inwards. In addition, viscous heat dissipated makes the matter hotter. On the other hand, radiation mechanisms like bremsstrahlung, synchrotron, and their inverse-Comptonisations cools down the matter. Thus, the solution depends highly on the interplay between heating and cooling processes. In our work we investigate the entire energy–angular momentum parameter space and obtain both shocked and shock-free accretion solutions. Because of the spin in Kerr black holes, the event horizon is dragged to a region <2GM/c^2, increasing the efficiency of accretion process. Ample of works showed a rotating BH to yield high temperature solutions compared to a Schwarzschild BH. This suggests higher emission. We investigate the effect of this spin on the spectrum obtained from accrtion flows around BHs. Also, we study the comparison of spectrum for corotating black hole with the counter-rotating and the non-rotating one.