Name: Pranav Page
Affiliation: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Conference ID : ASI2022_584
Title : Design and simulations of a Compton Imaging Camera for Space Astrophysics
Authors : Pranav Page (IIT Bombay), Sourav Palit (IIT Bombay), Hrishikesh Belatikar (IIT Bombay, University of Wisconsin-Madison), Abhijeet Ghodgaonkar (IIT Bombay), Aditi Marathe (IIT Bombay), Sanjoli Narang (IIT Bombay), Sudhanshu Nimbalkar (IIT Bombay), Amit Shetye (IIT Bombay), Siddharth Tallur (IIT Bombay), Varun Bhalerao (IIT Bombay), Santosh Vadawale (PRL)
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Instrumentation and Techniques
Abstract : Compton scattering of high energy photons between a pair of detectors can be utilized to infer the source location. We present a laboratory experiment to demonstrate the effectiveness of pixelated Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) detector modules for Compton Imaging in the Hard X-ray band. In our setup the scatterer and absorber are AstroSat-like 5mm thick CZT detectors with a 16x16 pixel matrix. The modular setup consists of a source, a single scatterer, and up to six absorbers mounted inside a radiation-shielded enclosure. We simulated the performance of the system for a moderately collimated point monochromatic source of energy 356 keV (133Ba) using Cosima, a part of MEGAlib, where varying positions of both the absorbers and source are used to study the angular distribution of Compton events. We implement a basic back-projection algorithm for source reconstruction and study the dependence of localization accuracy on various parameters, such as the number and position of absorbers, source intensity, etc. Our experiment paves the way for stand-alone space-based Compton Imaging instruments, and also sets the foundation for Compton localisation of sources in missions like Daksha.