Name: Souvik Roy
Affiliation: Center of Excellence in Space Science India, IISER Kolkata
Conference ID : ASI2022_604
Title : Characteristics study of the impact of coronal mass ejections on the planetary magnetosphere using MHD simulations.
Authors : Souvik Roy, Dibyendu Nandy
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Sun and the Solar System
Abstract : The high energetic plasma and the embedded magnetic field of coronal mass ejections interact with planetary magnetospheres giving rise to transient perturbations such as geomagnetic storms. The study of the geomagnetic impacts of such interplanetary coronal mass ejections (ICME) is necessary to protect our technological infrastructure from hazardous space weather. We use 3D compressible magnetohydrodynamic simulation of a star-planet system to model and study the characteristics of an ICME-Earth interaction based on the properties of the ICME and planetary magnetic fields. We expect to observe a change in magnetopause shape and stand-off distance with respect to the magnetic structure of the ICME and the planet. The magnetotail dynamics are also expected to be different for different orientations of ICMEs and planetary fields. These simulations are expected to illuminate the physical processes that result in severe space weather-induced magnetic storms in Earth and other (exo-)planetary systems.