Name: Ramprasad D
Affiliation: Osmania University
Conference ID : ASI2022_641
Title : A review of Asteroseismic studies of Eclipsing Binaries
Authors : J.Rukmini, D. Shanti Priya, D. Ram Prasad
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Stars, ISM and Galaxy
Abstract : Recent studies have indicated that asteroseismic scaling relations, in certain cases, overestimates the fundamental parameters like the mass, radii and ages of stellar objects. Putting the scaling relations to test for accuracy, several researchers have suggested correction factors towards achieving improved results of these parameters that provide insights into the interior structure, the physical processes and evolution of a stellar object. Yet, there is a growing necessity to revise these relations given the impact of several constraints (like metallicity) on these fundamental parameters. This work aims to review the asteroseismic studies conducted in estimating the parameters of the components in Eclipsing Binaries. We shall attempt to provide a brief summary of the results, merits and limitations of the techniques that were used to test the accuracy of scaling relations.