Name: Priya Hasan
Affiliation: Maulana Azad National urdu University, Hyderabad, India
Conference ID : ASI2022_678
Title : The binary fraction in star clusters
Authors : Priya Hasan
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Stars, ISM and Galaxy
Abstract : It is well known that stars are born in clusters which eventually dissolve. In this work, using Gaia EDR3 data, we study the binary fraction in the complete sample of star clusters within 1 kpc of the Sun and study its evolution in time in relation to their galacto-centric distance, size (core and limiting radii), location in the galaxy (l,b) and mass-functions. Our sample of 201 clusters is used to makle important conclusions about the life, dissolution and star clusters and the binary fraction in clusters as well as in field stars.