Name: Sakshi Gupta
Affiliation: IISER Kolkata
Conference ID : ASI2022_694
Title : Investigating the star-planet interactions in a far-out planetary system: A parameter space study
Authors : Sakshi Gupta, Arnab Basak and Dibyendu Nandy
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Stars, ISM and Galaxy
Abstract : Since the discovery of the first extrasolar planetary system, several efforts have been made to understand the interaction between exoplanets and their host stars. One can shed light on the several physical characteristics of an exoplanet by studying such interactions. In this work, we use the CESSI-Star Planet Interaction Module to perform rigorous parameter space study for a far-out star-planet system by varying the magnetic field strength of both the planetary magnetosphere and the stellar wind emanating from the host star. Our model self consistently gives rise to a magnetopause during this interaction process. The variation in the magnetopause stand-off distance for different combinations of the above parameters shows good agreement with the theoretical prediction. This work also reveals a specific trend in the relative behaviour of the planetary magnetosphere in response to stellar wind evolution. As the strength of the interplanetary magnetic field increases beyond 50nT, lobes of the magnetotail start to open up, and the stellar wind accumulates on the dayside of the planet. This study is relevant for exploring the exoplanetary atmosphere and calculating the auroral radio powers of different star-planet systems.