Name: Sravani Vaddi
Affiliation: Arecibo Observatory
Conference ID : ASI2022_697
Title : VLBI observation of dual AGN
Authors : Sravani Vaddi Anish Roshi Zsolt Paragi Preeti Kharb Adarsh Ranjan
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Extragalactic Astronomy
Abstract : Dual AGNs (DAGN) are galaxies that contain two nuclei each hosting a supermassive black hole (SBH). These are considered to be remnants of galaxy mergers and their study is important in the understanding of the galaxy interactions and galaxy-SBH co-evolution. We obtain milli-arcsec observations of four kpc-separated dual AGNs (DAGN) using the European VLBI Network (EVN) together with the legacy 305m Arecibo telescope at 18cm. Two DAGNs (Mrk 463 and Mrk 739) are detected while the other two (UGC8327 and NGC6921) remain undetected. While sources Mrk 463 and Mrk 739 have been previously detected, it is for the first time that the companion nucleus has been detected. We present the radio properties of these systems and their comparison with optical emission line features obtained from archival optical MUSE IFU data.