Name: Priyanka Rani
Affiliation: IUCAA, Pune
Conference ID : ASI2022_699
Title : Far and near UV Catalogue of sources in a deep AstroSat/UVIT field around IC4329A
Authors : Prof. G. C. Dewangan
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Extragalactic Astronomy
Abstract : Utilizing the unprecedented spatial resolution of AstroSat/UVIT, we analyzed the deep UVIT field acquired for the Seyfert galaxy IC4329A and produced a source catalog. We have detected 103 sources in FUV and 796 sources in NUV bands above 3σ significance level. We performed astrometry and photometry for all the detected sources and determined their position, far and near UV flux and magnitudes, and UV colors. We also investigate the UV variability of the detected point sources on short time scale for the first time. We will discuss details of our results.