Name: Aditya Kumar Sharma
Affiliation: International Centre for Theoretical Sciences
Conference ID : ASI2022_708
Title : Prospects for detection of continuous gravitational waves from spinning neutron stars lensed by the galactic SMBH.
Authors : Soummyadip Basak, Aditya Kumar Sharma, Shasvath Kapadia, Parameswaran Ajith
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : General Relativity and Cosmology
Abstract : We study the prospects of detecting continuous gravitational waves (CGWs) from spinning neutron stars (NSs), gravitationally lensed by the galactic supermassive black hole. Assuming various astrophysically motivated spatial distributions of galactic NSs, we infer that CGWs from 1-10 NSs should be strongly lensed. Accounting for the magnifications of the lensed images, as well as their time delays and corresponding superposition, we investigate their detectability by future observing runs of ground-based detectors. Assuming ellipticities of the order of 10^{-8} and spin distribution of detected radio pulsars, lensed CGWs are unlikely to be detected by LIGO and VIRGO. However, a fraction of them should be detected by the third-generation detectors, which makes a good scientific case for 3G detectors. We also briefly discuss the possibility of probing the proper motion of NS due to the lensing of its CGWs.