Name: Harikrishna Sripada
Affiliation: Dept. Of Astronomy, Osmania University
Conference ID : ASI2022_759
Title : Association of ype-B QPOs with Comptonization region and jets in black hole source H1743-322
Authors : S. Harikrishna, Dr. K. Sriram
Abstract Type: Poster
Abstract Category : Stars, ISM and Galaxy
Abstract : Understanding the connection of type-B QPOs to the inner accretion hot flow is vague in black hole X-ray binaries. We performed spectral and timing studies of type-B and type-C QPOs with similar centroid frequencies ( ~ 6 Hz) occurred and their spectral differences were used to understand the production mechanism of type-B QPOs, along with the quasi-simultaneous radio observations. Based on the spectral results, we did not notice many variations in the inner disk radius and the Comptonization parameters during type-B and C QPOs, but we noticed that the inner disk temperature was found to be different. Radio flux density and QPO width are found to follow systematic correlation with spectral parameters such as inner disk temperature and soft to hard flux ratio, which suggests a jet is responsible for these QPOs in H1743-322. A gradual transition from type-C to type-B QPO was noticed where the spectral changes could be explained by the presence of a jet or optically thick Comptonization region. The geometrical Lense-Thirring precession model with a hot flow and a jet in the inner region was incorporated to explain the observed variations.