Name: Devendra Bisht
Affiliation: University of science and technology of China
Conference ID : ASI2022_92
Title : A deep study of an intermediate age open cluster SAI 35 (Juchert 20) using ground based imaging and Gaia EDR3 astrometry
Authors : D. Bisht, Qingfeng Zhu, R. K. S. Yadav, Geeta Rangwal, Alok Durgapal, Devesh P. Sariya, Ing-Guey Jiang
Abstract Type: Oral
Abstract Category : Stars, ISM and Galaxy
Abstract : We present a CCD UBVI photometric study of poorly studied intermediate-age open cluster SAI 35 (Juchert 20) for the first time. To accomplish this study, we also used LAMOST DR5, 2MASS, and Gaia EDR3 databases. We identified 214 most probable cluster members with membership probability higher than 50%. The mean proper motion of the cluster is found as μ_αcosδ=1.10+-0.01 and μ_δ=-1.66+-0.01 mas/yr. We find the normal interstellar extinction law using the various two-color diagrams. The age, distance, reddening, and radial velocity of the cluster are estimated to be 360+-40 Myr, 2.9 +-0.15 kpc, 0.72+-0.05 mag, and -91.62+- 6.39 km/sec. The overall mass function slope for main-sequence stars is found to be 1.49+-0.16 within the mass range 1.1-3.1 solar mass, which is in agreement with Salpeter's value within uncertainty. The present study demonstrates that SAI 35 is a dynamically relaxed. Galactic orbital parameters are determined using Galactic potential models. We found that this object follows a circular path around the Galactic center.