Star formation in the cometary HII region IRAS 17256–3631

V. S. Veena1*, S. Vig1, A. Tej1 and S. K. Ghosh2
1Indian Institute of Space science and Technology, Trivandrum
2National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA-TIFR), Pune

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IRAS 17256–3631 is a southern star forming region harboring massive protostellar candidate(s). We mapped this region at three GMRT continuum frequency bands: 1280, 610 and 325 MHz. The radio emission shows the presence of an HII region with characteristic cometary morphology. High resolution Spitzer IRAC images at mid infrared indicate the presence of young stellar objects. Cold dust emission at 1.2 millimeter reveals the presence of several clumps in this region.

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Keywords : ISM: HII regions – infrared: ISM – radio continuum: ISM – ISM: indivudual objects: IRAS 17256–3631