IAU is inviting nominations for membership

I am writing on behalf of the National Committee of the IAU. (For information the other members of the Indian National Committee of the IAU are:
G. C. Anupama (IIA), Dipankar Bannerjee (ARIES), Prateek Sharma (IISc), Tarun Souradeep (IISER Pune) and Kandaswamy Subramanian (IUCAA)).

The IAU is inviting nominations for Individual Membership as well as Junior Membership. As a rule, Individual Membership in the IAU is open to scientists with a PhD or equivalent in a branch of astrophysics. Scientists who have completed their PhD studies between the years 2015 and 2020 are eligible candidates for Junior Members in this call. Further details on the qualifications for membership can be found at:


Links to the nomination forms are given below. Please note that the names of two referees who are IAU members have two be provided along with the nomination. Please also attach a copy of your CV to the nomination.

Individual Membership:

Junior Membership:

Nominations have to be routed through the respective National Committees, so these links are *only* for India.

The links are valid till 15/Dec/2020.

with regards,
Jayaram Chengalur