The Astronomical Society of India (ASI) invites proposals for hosting the annual meeting of the ASI for the year 2024.

As you're aware, the 2023 meeting is planned as an in-person meeting which is scheduled between 01-05 March 2023, at IIT Indore. In the past many years, the format of the meeting has stabilized to a day (or two) devoted to topical workshops just prior to the four-day main meeting. The main meeting is split between plenary and parallel sessions and also includes poster sessions. Schedules of recent meetings, available at the ASI website, can be used as a basic template for the structure of the meeting and the number of parallel sessions and workshops.

As in the past, ASI invites letters of intent to host the ASI Annual meeting of 2024 in the following format from the proposers.

1) Name of the proposed host Institution/University/Department
2) Primary coordinator and point of contact
3) Venue, and infrastructure facilities including audio-video facilities (please include relevant photographs). The capacity of the main auditorium, capacity and number of halls to be used for the parallel sessions and workshops, Poster area, Dining area
4) What kind of support will the host institution be able to provide?
5) Please give an estimate of the cost of hotel rooms. How many participants will your site/guest house be able to accommodate? Of these, how many guest houses/rooms will be available for free (these will be used to host the participants who are offered accommodation support)?
6) Adequate WiFi connectivity and if there will be costs involved.
7) What is the prior conference hosting experience of the host?
8) Are there specific dates you would like to propose?

Proposals should be sent to duly forwarded by the head of the Institution. If the proposal is from a University it should be signed and approved by the Vice-Chancellor of the University. The deadline for submission of proposals is 31 January 2023, to allow the ASI Executive Council Committee an opportunity to evaluate them before being presented at the ASI General Body Meeting in March 2023. If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to write to me.

Best regards,
Sarita Vig