The recipients of the ASI awards for the year 2022. The awards will be given out during the upcoming ASI2023 meeting at IIT-Indore, Indore.

1. ASI Govind Swarup Lifetime Achievement Award - Prof. Jayant V. Narlikar

2. Professor M. K. Vainu Bappu Gold Medal - Dr. Eve J. Lee, McGill University, Canada

3. Justice Oak Award for Outstanding Thesis in Astronomy - Dr. Barnali Das (NCRA-TIFR), Currently at Univ. of Delaware

4. Laxminarayana & Nagalaxmi Modali Award - Dr. Prateek Sharma, IISc

5. ASI Zubin Kembhavi Award - Shri Arvind Paranjpye, Nehru Planetarium-Mumbai

6. Young Astronomer Award for the Best Publication - Chirag Chawla (TIFR), Honorable Mention: Harsh Kumar (IIT-Bombay), Anshuman Borgohain (Tezpur Univ)

Hearty congratulations to all the recipients on behalf of ASI.