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Annular Solar Eclipse – Sharing your event

Annular Solar Eclipse – A Ring of Fusion 26 December, 2019 – Share your event A nationwide, crowd-sourced event, co-ordinated by ASI-POEC, aims to make it easier for everyone to find their nearest place where some knowledgeable person is showing the Eclipse (Partial or Annular). The events map will give you a good idea of […]

Astrosat Picture of the Month #021

July 2019: The AstroSat Picture of the Month for July 2019 is the Far UltraViolet image of the open cluster M67, showing its hotter younger stars. The BSS-White Dwarf pais, WOCS1007, is circled in red. (Picture Credits: N. Sindhu and collaborators)       “AstroSat Picture of the Month” is an initiative of the Public […]