Transit of Mercury 2016 – Sharing your event

Featured image © ESO 2013


We thank everyone who was a part of the sharing of the Transit of Mercury – a nationwide, crowd-sourced event co-ordinated by ASI-POEC. The events map will give you a good idea of the coverage. The ASI-POEC is proud to be associated with all of you in making this an extremely successful event.

We also invite those who participated, to share their experience with us via the form below. Please feel free to link your photo sets too.

Those who registered with us before the event will get certificates from the ASI.

More details here:

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  1. We have been conducting astronomy activities from time to time. If you can share any resource material, it would benefit us.

  2. We want to organise a public show for transit of mercury. So we want resource material from you.

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