Comet NEOWISE 2020 Photography Contest

Photographing a comet from India

ASI-POEC celebrated the visit of the Comet NEOWISE in July-August 2020 with a number of outreach activities throughout India. As a part of this, a themed Astro-Photography Competition was organised to draw people to the beauty of the breathtaking comet as well as the night sky and astronomy and the joy of capturing it in a photograph. The contest provided a chance for sky lovers to showcase the Comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3) along with some interesting landscape or other celestial objects.

Many entries were received with submissions of pictures of the comet including those taken using mobile phones, compact digitals, SLRs. The winners, selected by a jury of judges from the field of Astronomy and Outreach, have been announced on 15, August, 2020. The list of winners is as below.

Winners are mentioned below. Details of the winning entries can be seen in this post

Names Prize Title
Dorje Angchuk First Prize The Neowise Comet and the Newest Union Territory
Anurag Wasnik Second Prize A Distant Visitor
Karthik Jayashankar Second Prize Neowise Enticing Panchachuli
Sathya Narayana Sridhar Third Prize Harbinger of life
Rohith K A Third Prize The Lonely Wanderer
Dorje Angchuk Special Mention Comet Neowise sojourn over Himalayan Chandra Telescope
Nikunj M Rawal Special Mention My Window of Comet NEOWISE
Pramod Singh Khati Special Mention Window

The contest is over now. Some previous details can be seen below.


Photos can be submitted by anyone who has taken a picture of the comet from India, under the following categories:

  1. A child's view of an old visitor to the sky
    (for contestants of age below 15 years as on 1 July, 2020)
  2. Comet NEOWISE from Indian skies (for all ages)

Important dates:

05th August, 2020 Submission deadline
10th August, 2020 Shortlisted original photo submission deadline
15th August, 2020 Winners announced

Download Entry Form

Send your photos & entry form to CONTEST.ASI@GMAIL.COM

by email before 23:59 IST on Wednesday, 5th August, 2020.

NOTE: The ASI-POEC does not condone taking any risks, especially in the present situation, just for the sake of watching / photographing the comet. Please maintain social distancing and follow the relevant local regulations all the time.

Contest guidelines

  • The photographs must
    • be your own work
    • be clicked within the borders of India
    • have the Comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3) in them
  • One contestant can submit any number of images, but one image can be submitted only in one category.
  • Only digital images (jpegs) will be accepted. Images submitted may be captured using any camera such as mobile phone, compact digital, SLR or any other camera. Images shot with film cameras of any kind will be accepted only as digital scans.
  • Post processing is an integral part of photography and even more so in astrophotography, however minimalistic processing is encouraged. Heavy post processing, extreme colour saturation must be avoided.
  • Composites are allowed although all parts of the image submitted must be shot at the same place and not a composite of two different locations.
  • A few lines describing what is seen in your image must accompany the image.
  • The contestant must be in possession of raw image or the original unedited image. These images will be demanded from shortlisted candidates and if contestant is unable to send it in, in time, the entry will be dismissed from any prize it might have been considered for and the next contestant would be considered. Note: A demand for raw image files from any participant cannot be considered as winning a prize.
  • Judges' decision will be considered final and no discussion will be entertained.

Submission process :

  1. Only "jpeg" images will be accepted. The Minimum number of pixels on the longer side should be 2000 and a Maximum of 3000. The image should have been saved in the highest quality jpeg.
  2. Location and date of image must be mentioned along with the image.
  3. The image file must have the EXIF data intact with the image. However, it should not have any watermark with your name etc. that reveals the identity of the photographer.
  4. Steps to submit images
    1. JPEG files should be made ready with proper file name.
    2. Complete and attach one entry form for every image submitted. Mention the same file name and include all details with a short description of a few lines about what is seen in your image.
    3. In case you have a technical difficulty with the form, the details required are – Name, age, gender, email address, TELEPHONE (important for providing raw image on time), home address, image date, image location, camera make and model, submitted file name, category, suggested title, a few sentences about the astronomical content of the image and why it is a valuable contest entry.
    4. Send the jpeg & related form to CONTEST.ASI@GMAIL.COM by email before 23:59 IST on Wednesday, 05th August, 2020.

The contest entries will be judged on the following criteria :

  • How well the image highlights the comet.
  • Image composition and inclusion of Indian components (for landscape shots).
  • Technical aspects like exposure, accurate focusing and aesthetic framing.
  • The text accompanying the image which describes the photograph. You even may write a poem or prose as text.


NOTE: By participating, ALL CONTESTANTS grant the organisers or affiliates, a non-exclusive usage under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. to reproduce, distribute, display in exhibitions, educational resource materials, websites, social media etc. The organisers will duly acknowledge the owner of the image as and when used in any of the media mentioned above.


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