This Public Outreach Working Group, working under the ambit of the Astronomical Society of India, is working with the aim of increasing public interest, awareness, and understanding of astronomy in India, promote the presence of astronomy knowledge in the public domain, and facilitate the use of astronomy as a gateway for interest in science, scientific temper, and science literacy.

The group intends to work towards the creation of resource material to be shared in the public domain, and implement campaigns towards the above goal. The group also aims to promote awareness and understanding of important astronomy discoveries and projects in India, as well as globally.

Towards these goals, the Working Group would be interested in forming networks and collaborations with research and education institutions as well as with groups and individuals across the country, that work on astronomy outreach and education. These collaborations will also be intended towards exploring and participating in inter-disciplinary projects connected to astronomy and science in the public sphere, in collaboration with people and organisations that are chosen by the working group.

This Working Group is constituted of these members, and the the mandate of this Group can be found here.

Announcement Poster

Announcement Poster