Comet NEOWISE 2020 Credit : Philippe Jacquot

Comet NEOWISE C/2020 F3

  This visitor to our neighbourhood is currently making the news, as it offers breathtaking views now in the dawn evening skies across the Northern Hemisphere. Called C/2020 F3 in the astronomical circles, it is a non-periodic comet which was the third discovered in late March 2020 by the space telescope instrument NEOWISE (hence the […]

Artist's Impression of Pluto Encounter

New Horizon keeps its date with Pluto

On July 14th about 17:19 hrs IST (11:49 UTC) NASA’s New Horizon spacecraft, after a sojourn that lasted more than nine and half months, will make its close encounter with Pluto. So far even with best of the telescopes Pluto and its companion Charon were merely just blobs of light, hiding their surface feature, if […]

Picture of the Young Clyde Tombaugh

Where the young rule the underworld

An 11 year old girl, well versed in classical mythology of ancient Rome and Greece, learned from her grandfather, of the discovery of a new planet. The 11 year old was Venetia Burney, and the year was 1930. Venetia Burney Phair at age 11 This new found “planet” had been elusive for decades, avoiding the […]